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NY Fan Meeting @ Magnolia Jewelry Store

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My Steven Ma Pursuit 8/19/2010 3-6 pm
By: Tamaya@

No, my heart was not beating like a runaway train,  only very, very happy, very contented, and feeling very surreal that I was really in Steven's presence. And I was also very much aware that I was wearing this very silly smile on my face, but then looking around me, noticed that other people were wearing similar silly smiles on their faces, too except for those bodyguards and that woman standing by Steven with her booming voice yelling at everybody to move it up, go,go, go. Gah!

I felt the buzz of anticipation as soon as I stepped inside the store. The excitement and energy inside the cramped room were really high and palpable and very contagious. There was this humming of voices and noises but it didn’t strike my dazed mind that one of the voices belonged to Steven until someone said, “That’s Steven’s voice.” Only then did I tune in to the voices and sure enough picked out Steven’s masculine voice, but I couldn’t make out what he said, just that it sounded happy and animated. He’s probably working the crowd with his smiles and words.

I caught my first glimpse of Steven through a lucky gap between bodies that stood ahead like a high wall before us poor non-VIP people. My first thought at seeing Steven was indeed like a spiraling out of control runaway train: “OMG! Steven is really cute, so handsome; Omg! He’s attired in suit and tie! (so unexpected considering how he dressed in his previous Toronto meet and greet event, but then again, all the male staff members were attired in suit and tie, too) Omg! His skin is really smooth, as reputed. He looks so alive, so animated, so youthful looking,” and then my dull-witted mind reverted back to (contented sigh) “so cute, so handsome”. Steven looked exactly how I imagined him to look, only better. Never thought I would be so star struck! Never thought I would engage in a star pursuit venture. I could stare at him the whole day working his adoring fans, writing thus – I could now totally understand why the group of employees were like fixtures standing before him so inconsiderately blocking us common people’s views – they could not within their power remove themselves from Steven’s presence (and Louis’ too, of course), so entranced were they as they feasted to their eyes’ content on him and soaked in his star presence. (What? Louis Yuen was there too, never saw him. Haha!)

So there I was catching glimpses of him through lucky gaps through shifting and immobilized walls of bodies. While inside the room, I was contented to wait my turn, to be in Steven’s presence, to feel the buzz around me, to listen to Steven’s animated voice and laughter, (though I had no idea what he was saying), to be just part of his adoring audience. I knew the moment I stood before Steven would also be the moment I had to leave his presence, so I didn’t mind the wait inside the energized room at all, which btw was all too short; not to mention, the room was air-conditioned and filled with precious gems, the biggest of which, was Steven himself.

As the line drew closer to Steven, I could hear and see Steven more clearly. Ah! So handsome! So full of life! Ah! He was talking and smiling and writing all at the same time. But my moment of glimpses was all too short. I entreated the power-that-be (the staff) if I could also have Steven sign the poster too. As expected, my entreaty was brusquely denied. I didn’t even get to stand in front of Steven face to face. The man passed my card to Steven to sign while I was still in the line not by the counter facing him, and when Steven finished signing my card, the man pulled me out of the line. Hey, mister, I didn’t get to say hi to Steven yet. Never mind, you got your signature, now leave. Hey! Not fair! Not fair, mister. I didn’t say it aloud. As I stood outside the line, uncertain and resentful, this troupe of immobilized bodies suddenly turned on me and said in chorus: Go on! Leave! But still feeling discontented I stood my ground briefly and pointed my camera at Steven’s direction through a lucky crack in the shifting wall of bodies. Steven saw me, paused and cooperatively looked into the camera for me. Urgh, unluckily that shot didn’t turn out too well. (1st pix in the post) I guess I snapped the picture just a tad too early right before Steven looked up and acknowledged me with a slight smile. I should have kept clicking the camera shutter and not let the staff’s bellowing unnerved me. Thank you, Steven! Bye, Steven! Good luck, Steven!

I recalled when I got down to the location at about 2:40 ish I first saw this long banner stretched across the top of this jewelry store. Took a peek through the glass door into the store, empty! Huh? No people waiting inside there yet? Guess I was too early. Then looking down the street, I saw the same banner strung across another jewelry store. Huh? Two stores of the same company located on the same street? Wow! So I checked out that store, too. Empty inside too. This unusual quietness caused me some concern as it did not brook well for Steven at all. What? Nobody’s coming to Steven’s signing party? For some reason I did not think to look across the street, after all, there were these two stores down this street to confuse me enough. After wasting precious minutes pacing up and down between these two stores, waiting for the anticipated crowd to appear, I finally gathered up my courage to inquire inside one of the stores about Steven’s signing event. I was told the event was held at one of the two the stores across the street. Huh? I looked across and sure enough there was this huge crowd milling outside the store. Even before 3 pm, the line was sizable. I was never so happy as to see a long line, imagine that! That’s how happy I was for Steven to get such a big turnout. Excitedly I joined the line. From what I overhead, some of the people got there like around 2 something. The wait was interminable especially stewing for an hr or so under a hot sun until shades crept in to provide some much needed relief from the heat. The crowd was an attention getter for passersby. Tourists snapped pictures of us; motorists in traffic snapped pictures of us. Curious passersby stopped to investigate, even police officers dropped by to say hi, then left cheerfully when told the line up was for a celebrity. Haha! When asked, the responses were always “it’s an autograph signing event for tvb actor, Ma Chun Wai; Louis Yuen’s name was only mentioned as an afterthought, if at all.

The crowd was rather well-behaved and quiet, until suddenly a buzz among the crowd in front of the store. A white stretch limousine was spotted. Stuck at the back and at corner side of the store, I couldn’t see anything because of the crowd. Anyway, the arrival scene has been uploaded on youtube. I was so happy Steven was given the celebrity treatment with that limousine ride and making a celebrity entrance. Then another interminable wait while the VIPs took their sweet time with the stars inside. They did use up a lot of time while we cool our feet outside. Incidentally, if the store really sold VIP tickets for this event, then all I could say is shame on them for such tacky, pecuniary activity. This is a promotion for their jewelry, not a show to make money. Maybe some people bought the passes from someone who somehow got their hands onto those VIP passes. Like I say, I saw people holding both a thank you card along with the VIP pass. And I overhead others said someone gave them the VIP passes.

I had a commuter train to catch and seeing the still long line of people waiting outside, it never occur to me that it would end faster than expected. I left the scene slightly before 6 pm (?) I forgot to check the time. Despite everything, I’m glad I went to see Steven in person.

As mentioned before, I saw some people shooting the scene with a Chinese TV station logo on their video cameras, guess they were from the station in the  link. youtube ny tv station news

numerous candid vid @ youtube


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