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AJCL Radio Promotion - 1st public mention of steady girlfriend

雷霆881广播访谈 April 4th 2008
Hostess: Cha Siu Yan ©
Guest: Steven (S)

C: Hi, Ma Chun Wai
S: Siu Yan Jie, ni hou!
C: In your new series, A Journey called Life (AJCL), you collaborated with Fala Chen and Linda Chung. Don’t you think these 2 ladies’ magnetism is very strong?

S: They are both good. I had this interview in Beijing where I was asked whom I think have the most potential. I mentioned Linda and Fala.

C: Why do you think they have strong potential?
S: Linda is very hard working. I like how she constantly pushes herself for self-improvement.

C: She asked for your advice, right?
S: Not advice, more like discussions. Also, we had a veteran in the series, Kent Go. (brother) He hanged out with us constantly. In AJCL, because Linda and I are lovers, we discussed -- like you do this and I do that. That is, we discussed about everything…

C: Fala is your sister. I heard there’s an episode where she dies and you try to save her; it requires cpr. Instead of doing a chest compression, you did a stomach compression; was it because you were afraid of being labeled salted pig’s trotters? (a perv)

S: Because at that time, there were lots of visiting reporters on location. And they discussed (cpr) with me. Some media friends told me: “You should compress the chest area ma”. far as I know, that’s not how it should be. It should be slight lower, right underneath the diaphragm, like 2 fingers space down. I learned this from filming Healing Hands.

C: I thought you learned it from a CPR seminar

S: Of course, they wished I would compress the chest area, more stuff to see. That’s not the way.

C: Yeah, like that time when you did the Latin dance with Rain Li, and your hand’s position was reported as …. So can it be that Mai Zai is being overly wary now after being burned once.

S: Not really. Fala and I had no problems communicating. I trusted her and I believe she trusted me, too.

C: But kiss of life was performed?
S: No. It wasn’t required.
C: It wasn’t even in the script?
S: No. The producer asked us if it’s necessary. We all felt it wasn’t.
C: So, did you have a tiny bit of regret for its omission? (laughter)
S: Both times Fala acted as my sister. Maybe next time when she acts as my gf.
C: You have a lot of (younger) sisters. Fala, Linda, Yumiko. Why did you collect so many?

S: I didn’t collect them. They all said I’m like a big brother. Those younger ones even said I’m like a father.

C: Who? So young?
C: How about Yeung Yi? (Tavia)
S: Ah Yi treats me like a relative. But she feels that I’m a good boyfriend…in the series.
C: In the series… You are very caring to your female co-stars.
S: Well, my attitude is that I’ll cherish every one of my co-stars. Because….well who knows when we will collaborate again, if ever. Also, my outlook on life has changed somewhat.

C: It has become grayer?
S: No, not that
C: Something like life’s perspectives….seldom hear Ma Chun Wai talks about this…

S: Actually because during CNY, our beloved Fei Jie aside, I’ve also lost quite a few friends very suddenly, all very young. In my company, this cinematographer who had collaborated with me in many series suddenly passed away. I felt… one day while chatting with Kara Hui 惠英红 (3rd daughter-in-law in Safeguards) when she suddenly told me, “Ngo sek ni.” (I love you) I was taken aback. What? She said whenever she had the opportunity she would tell people (people she likes, of course) that she cherished them. And it got me thinking - true, when we still have the opportunity we should express our concern or love for other people. When I can thank people, I’ll thank them.

C: You were thankful too in the past, only inwardly, but now you will express it outwardly.

S: Right. Now, I’m not shy to express it anymore. I will speak out. Like I’ll thank you for your glass of lemonade.

C: Won’t you scare people off? I’m real scared of this…so abruptly.. when there’s no need for such politeness…and then suddenly…very scary.

S: Well, it won’t be so abrupt. It’s like, “Wei, thank you! ng goi sai” I’ll say them to people - to show appreciation lo.

C: So that means that you’ll tell your girlfriend your feelings, that is, if you’re interested in someone right now.
S: Maybe not during dating, will not especially say it, will go with the flow. If she knows she knows; if she doesn’t, she doesn’t.

C: For sure, will not especially bring it up…just go with the flow
S Yeah, will not especially bring it up…go with the flow
C: So both can tell.
S: I guess when it reaches a certain stage and time, the person who doesn’t know yet will sooner or later catch on.

C: Of course. You’re being obvious here. Mai Chun Wai. (haha!)

So, what’s your favorite scene?
S: There’s this one scene that I’m really happy with. It’s with Mali jie, my mom. After our marriage, Linda conceived our baby, when previously she is thought to be barren. But heaven blessed us with a baby. But because my sister, Fala…she truly loves her brother, me. And she wanted me to get into high society. One day, she got drunk and drove the car into Linda and caused her to lose the baby. Thereafter, I disowned this sister of mine. There I was up on the patio by myself filled with despair; my mom came to talk with me….in the scene we couldn’t control our tears. Truly couldn’t contain them at all…running noses and all.

C: Real tears?
S: Real. The viewers will see that at that time I simply could not control my expressions at all. The sobs, the shudders…. I was sobbing so hard, I could hardly say my lines. That scene was in one take. The producer and director.. I was very happy.. they expressed their thanks to me. That to me was a huge honor –that ‘thank you’ expressed by both the producer and director, thanking us both for performing such a marvelous scene. Their thanks to me were an immense reward.

C: And you stopped crying immediately?
S: No. Still wept. Couldn’t stop at all. .

C: The way you told the story, the series is not light romance as I had first thought.

S: No. Actually, it’s a real life tale..very realistic, very Hong Kong people, like those of us who grew up in public housing. People will feel the familiarity. Because the drama itself will not involve high society. Nor will it depict something unreasonable like how come all the stuff were so expensive?

C: Like a house, poor but still looks that way.

S: Right! 1800 sq ft. How come? We were very insistent on this kind of things.
C: Poor but still watches Plasma (tv)
S: But I bought a cellphone that exploded on me. Linda tricked me and sold me a smuggled cellphone (水货电话) which later exploded inside my pocket, and ripped a hole in my pants .
C: Did you get hurt?
S: No. but it’s this kind of stuff. Very real life. Actually that incident did happen in real life, but the script was already written then.

C: Linda portrayed a Mongkok girl, and wore tank tops.
S: She and Elaine were ‘sisters’; buddies.
C: So, your eyes benefited. Did your heart beat faster? I guess you wouldn’t dare. You worry Raymond Lam would scold you.
S: Ah? What’s that got to do with Raymond?
C: You’ve a problem with your memory.
S: Yeah, many things would abruptly disappear from it. They did well in their portrayal. Like Linda coloring her hair.

C: So in this series, is there any person in it that's on the rumor girlfriend name list?

S: I don't think there is.
C: If really need to sacrifice you Steven, just to promote the series?

S: Don’t involve me lah, dai lou!
C: Just to get some rumors going.
S: No, no, I won't do it. I’ll not co-operate. They all know that, especially my manager..
C: Did you tell them of your own volition?

S: I told them, don’t involve me. For promotions, I’ll do the occasional interviews and chats. Anything that is outside work - if it’s real then it’s real; if not then it’s not. I don’t like to see too much of myself in the tabloids. I know it can be quite boring to just talk about work. But I’m totally against tabloid romantic rumors. ‘Against’- meaning I find it very bothersome. Some things are not true, everybody knows it, so why put on a show, and what? Pretend for 2 months or so?

C: It's never ending, it's not just for 2 months, but every time when something comes up the box will pop out.

S: That’s even more fake, ...(colloquial slang, can't decipher) making something out of nothing. Some that is genuine I will believe it to be true. But if because of work, you are paired with who and who, and this and that. Because it is all fake I don't see any meaning to talk about something that’s made-up.
C: Your collaboration with Kent, was it the first time?
S: Yes.
C: How was it?
S: Very happy. We have an affinity. Even though he’s of the older generation, we are like brothers. While at work, whenever we met we would chat nonstop. He talked about the time when he was a director, producer and actor. He talked nonstop about filming. I, myself, like photography, and eager to learn. He’s like an enlightening rod, teaching me many things; like how to write a script; how to direct, how to produce and how to be a better actor. He said he wanted to show me all these things. Truly, he has taught me a lot.

C: Then he is your sifu. (teacher)
S: Even though we don’t have a formal teacher student relationship, I consider him my teacher.

C: In AJCL you’re a marathon runner. You’re also a long distance runner in your career. What about love, also a long distance runner?
S: Well, there’s no point doing short, even though it can be exhilarating.
C: Long distance, meaning the path to the church is quite long, right? A long run before entering the church?
S: When two people have reached a certain stage in their relationship, whereby their separate existences have merged into one, and that person has become part of you, only then can these two live together—to me this is the stage when marriage can be considered.

C: So what stage are you in now? Do you feel a separate existence, a half-half existence, or one-third existence?
S: I guess it’s half-half
C: Her half and your half? Merged into one?
S: I especially value the spiritual connection in a relationship. My job is unfair to her because of my schedules; very hectic. Plus I have too many interests. Would you stand by me and help me in accomplishing my aspirations? Conversely, would I cooperate with you to achieve yours? The person you love, you cherish; can you support her to accomplish her dreams, I think this is so important….

C: You’re so serious, I don’t know how you date.. talking about aspirations.
S: I talk this way too with my friends.
C: Can’t imagine you speaking of love…your aspirations, my aspirations.
S: That’s what I talk about mostly. I’ll ask you how’s your business, how’s your work?
C: You’ve just learned how to be forthcoming with your feelings, you should say, “I love you!”
S: That can't be said too casually. But now I’ll remember to send flowers. Before didn’t remember..
C: So did you send any on last Valentine’s Day?
S: Yes!

C: People always say to do this, do that if the ratings are high, so if AJCL’s ratings are high, what will you do?
S: For me, all those stuff to do if the ratings are high are all bogus. I’ve never seen anybody do them yet. Like wearing swimsuits..
C: Just say for fun ma. Do some promotions
S: I feel that if said then should do it. So I’ll just say throw a dinner celebration.
C: For this too?
S: Yep, dinner for everybody
C: Another one? BBQ?
S: Na! Not BBQ again, Maybe something different
C: Hopefully won’t have to wait too long your dinner treat.
S: I hope so too
C: Thank you
S: Thank you.

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