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For the dogs to Celebrate the good ratings

Steven Ma suggests to organise a celebration feast for the dogs to Celebrate the good ratings
Wednesday January 13, 2010 Hong Kong
Source: Hunan News
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TVB Series "A Watchdog's Tale" held a dog food challenge" on the 11th January. Cast that attended include Steven Ma, Maggie Siu, Linda Chung, Kent Cheng, Koni Lui, Natalie Tong and Raymond Wong. Dogs Ah Wong, Bingo and Woody also attended. The cast produced dog recipes and this attracted the dogs, they didn't listen to their owners and this caused a lot of laughter.

Steven appeared with his dog companion Ah Wong in the series, but Ah Wong wasn't at his best behaviour. The series has received very good viewer ratings. Steven said "The series ratings are quite good and the dogs have also contributed a lot of hard work. On the 17th of January the cast will hold a celebration feast in Tai Po eating Poon Choi (Big Bowl Feast). They will also suggest organising a celebration for the dogs, giving them dog bones, toys and food. Or perhaps they will suggest to watch the finale live together.

The reporter asked Natalie Tong whether she has been in contact with ex boyfriend Amigo Chui? She said "You're asking about him again? We haven't been in contact for ages". The reporter referred to recent reports of Amigo being emotionally depressed and needed Lam Kin Ming to help him? She replied" I don't know, she is more professional. I don't know if he is depressed but people need others to comfort them when they have problems". Amigo has not made a public appearance since the incident and outsiders feel he is a coward. Natalie responded by saying "I believe he will make a public appearance one day".

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