Friday, October 22, 2010

AWT Preempted by Beauty of the Game.

A Watchdog’s Tale tactically gives way. Beauty of the Game’s finale viewing.
Jan 6 2010

“Beauty” starring Sharon Chan, Kate Tsui and Christine Ng is finishing up its run this week. A two-hour show will be aired on Thursday and Friday, respectively. Therefore, A Watchdog’s Tale starring Steven Ma and Linda Chung has to be taken off the air for these two days, consequently, incurring complaints from the viewing public.

Yesterday through a phone interview, TVB Public Relation Assistant Manager, Mr. Tseng, explained: “This is merely a program tactical arrangement move. In fact, there have been many series whose finales were also aired two hours straight so that they could be watched in one go. Such as: Beyond the realm of consciousness, The chip off the old block, and Beauty of the game. Even A Watchdog’s Tale during its finale on Jan 23 will be aired as a two-hour show.” When asked why not arranged for “Beauty” finale to be aired on Saturday? Mr. Tseng said: “This coming Saturday is the annual charity night《慈善星輝仁濟夜》, so could only arrange for Thursday and Friday to air the finale shows.”

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Note: Nearing TVB anniversary, viewers tend to overlook those series aired early in the year.

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