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Becoming Steven Ma fan

First Posted 14 October 2007 - 10:17 PM @asianfanatics
I am a recent fan of Steven’s, well, since this summer. Last winter 2006, my family while visiting a Chinatown bought some TVB series dvd sets to watch. Since we were new to tvb series, we went by the higher rated series such as A Step into the Past, At the Threshold of an Era I&II, The Greed of Man, The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra (a dud), the 10 Brothers (a dud) and Healing Hands 1+2+3. Before that I had only watched those old, old tvb series like wuxia condor and saber series, Andy and Tony's Duke of Mt. Deer, the Police Cadet (1) during my extended stay at my relatives' house.

Something must be said about eye affinity and fan-idol affinity because how else among all these more seasoned tvb artistes, Steven as Dr. Joe in HH1 managed to grab my attention and make me remember him, though at that time still not  a fan of his yet. However, though his Dr. Joe left a deep impression on me at that time, it soon faded. (Don't ask me why Joe impressed out of the stellar cast but he did. I just like his cute looks and his very natural acting.)

Those purchased dvd sets were the extent of my exposure to tvb series until this summer 2007  when a relative got us some more high rated tvb series Heart of Greed, Golden Faith, La Femme Desperado, Maiden's Vow to watch. The series though satisfactory ( LFD was excellent cos' of Sheren) did not wow me nor did any characters stand out for me like Steven's Dr. Joe.  I discovered quite early that my taste in TVB series differed quite greatly from the HK viewers' if based on high ratings.  But they did pique my interest to watch more of tvb series, so remembering Dr. Joe, I used Steven Ma as a search target in Youtube and found Better Halves. Once again, Steven's acting captivated me.  I loved the series and his Fuk Tao so much I wanted to watch more of his series. (Btw, his Fuk Tao makeover and character are so different from young Dr. Joe.) I turned to Tudou for more of his series starting with "Where the legend begins". He was Cao Zhi, a handsome and refined scholar coming alive from some ancient, magical book acting his life and emotions before my very eyes. I was totally bewitched by his Cao Zhi, so unlike the other Cao Zhi from the China cctv The 3 kingdoms tv series.

In my bewitched state, I proceeded to watch all his series made since 1998 that I could get my hands on, some online most on dvds I bought. While some series are better than others, I have enjoyed every one of his character portrayals. Of his series, Better Halves remains my top favorite followed by On the Track or Off, Where the Legend Begins , Safe Guards (2012 eta: 7 Days. eta 2013 Storm in a Cocoon ). I’ve also enjoyed his most recent Steps series. Of all his characters, appearance wise, Kangxi is the most memorable, but among my favorite characters, Cheun Ka Fu & Gam Yuen are the most loved, Cou Ji and Chow Sai Hin are the most romantic while Shueng Chi is the most manly, and of course, Dr. Joe started it all. To my delight, Steven not only acts well, but also sings well, writes well and dances well, too. (eta 2012: Also cooks well)

Reading his memoir further clinched my fanship for Steven. I love the eloquence and honesty in his writing. I love the fact he was not afraid to show the vulnerable side of him. Well, most of all, I love a man who can act, sing and write brilliantly.(eta 2012, cooks well too)

Since becoming his fan, I did some research on him. Discriminately  separating the chaff from the grain, I read all reports on him with a grain of salt, but paid special attention to his tv and print interviews and excerpts of his published books. I like what I saw and heard. And following his yahoo blog and (eta 2012:now his sina weibo + and his 圖文並謬 book) , I have set him up to be my role model to emulate in my life.

eta: So far the only series that I did not quite enjoy much are In the Realm of Success because his character is so dorky, and Link to Temptations because of its story line and how obsessive and shallow his character is over Fala's character.

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