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Book - Dignity is Priceless.

Recently a magazine ran a report alleging that certain powerful multi-millionaires are willing to pay exorbitant prices for a one night stand with male stars. And I, with the third highest price tag, actually had the dubious honor of being the 2nd runner up on the price ranking. Actually I really did not pay much attention to the report, but one after another, my friends called up to inform me that my 'stock' market value had risen to HK$3 million. When I heard that, I did not know whether to laugh or cry!

From way back, through entertainment news, one would often read or hear about certain female stars’ underground relationships with some wealthy businessmen. Or that certain female stars had suddenly come into wealth, living in luxurious apartments with some pet dogs. But now incredibly, I, myself, am now among those being ‘fancied’. What can I say but that society's moral standards have indeed declined greatly. The body and physical features are all bestowed upon us by our parents. Moreover, the invaluable worth of one's character and morality can in no way be bought with money. Nothing to do with my being high minded, rather it is a matter of self-pride and dignity. To gain respect from others, one must respect oneself first. Not to say that money is not important but to trade in my dignity for it, I would rather die of hunger first!

As to the credibility of this report, I have no interest to delve into it. Nevertheless, this report did bring up a thought that is worth contemplating: Do people live just to eke out a living? Or is it to attain a higher standard of lavish living? Once the stomach is satisfied, is there really nothing left to look to but ceaseless avariciousness?

The truth is that humans are never contented for long. Once satisfied, a new desire arises! This situation not only applies to the entertainment industry but also to all walks of life. The pivotal question is: What needs to be appeased today? Is it a stomach’s cravings or a heart’s insatiability?

I believe that is a personal choice.

圖文並謬 p 64

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Info Per a HK escort agency on the “Ranking of Millionaires’ Prices for a one night stand with actors.”

paraphrased condensed excerpt:

Even though many gay millionaires are drawn to actors this kind of gay sex trafficking posed a great difficulty to escort agencies. “Many actors no matter how much money was offered them refused to take this route.” Hence, despite the exorbitantly high prices offered, there were few if any takers at all. Moreover, if a wrong person was approached with the offer, the agent might even be berated with a stream of cussing. Conversely, it was much easier to approach the 3rd or 3th line actors who were strapped for money therefore would do anything for money. 

to read the complete original Chinese article goto:link

2006 Brokeback price ranking drawn up by a HK escort co.:
1. 言承旭 Jerry Yan HK$5 mil
2. 古天乐 Louis Koo HK$4 mil
3. 马浚伟 Steven Ma HK$3 mil
4. 周渝民 Vic Zhou HK$2.5 mil
5. 吴建豪 Vanness Wu HK$2.2 mil
6. 陈豪 Moses Chan HK$2 mil
7. 林峰 Raymond HK$1.8 mil
8. 陈键锋 Sammual ChanHK$1.5 mil
9. 黄宗泽 Bosco Wong HK$1.2 mil
10. 张耀扬 Roy Cheung HK$1 mil 2006-04-15 13:57 

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