Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book - Despondence! Perseverance!


I always persevere; the perseverance to persist through the difficult times. Everyday life and career always go through phases of ups and downs; each, fresh and new. In the entertainment industry, the ebb and flow of careers is always outside one’s control! Safeguards is my first tv series upon my return to TVB. Producer - Lee Tim Sing, scriptwriter – Cheung Wah Piu. What an excellent pairing! Add in one Steven Ma, formidable? No comments. 不敢說.

Prior to Safeguards’ premiere, I endured all kinds of cold & caustic remarks, and sarcasm and derision. My heart’s imbued with feelings—awful feelings. But, hardship notwithstanding, the crew and cast gave it their all. The general led, his troop followed; they were a solidarity of one mind and one heart. That was a tough battle! An unequivocal victory? Can’t claim that! 不敢 bat gam! The triumph was of a spirit! Of a combined strength through unity! Strength? From what? Let me tell you, what is most precious in human, and also what should be most appreciated and cherished is the willpower!


 pg 36 -37

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