Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book - I Truly Wept

I Truly Wept
Death from old age and sickness is nature.
But death from natural and man-made disasters rends the hearts!
Eternal separation is inevitable.
Pain - everybody has experienced it at one time or more.
But, the kind of pain that numbs feelings and dams up tears, is that the utmost pain?
When I catch scenes of human sufferings in natural or man-made disasters,
I feel distress, so distraught I can't watch it unflinchingly.
A mother - wailing at the top of her voice crying out her child’s name…
A father - gently stroking his dead child’s face, hand's trembling but tears won’t come….
A man - struggling to save someone's child, his own beyond help…
A woman - comforting a friend, wearing a brave face, awaiting a miracle…
A group of civilian heroes - deprived of sleep and rest rescuing survivors…
A group of citizens - volunteering in the rescue efforts as teams, all to save precious human lives... 
Wounds can heal, but life once gone will never return…
Sometimes, truly hate Heaven, hate Heaven for why it had to be so cruel?
Why destroy so many good homes?
Why tear apart loving families eternally?
Why created such devastation with no forewarning?

I truly wept!
Heaven, why?
Perhaps, Heaven will not answer me!
Fine, I will not seek answers from Heaven, either.
Since it has already happened, thinking or talking about it is pointless.
What can be done is: those with money, donate money; those with abilities, lend a hand.
I will, certainly will; anyone who is human, will!
I, a mere human being, hope that all the victims will rest in peace;
That all the survivors will one day get past their pains and sufferings to start afresh!

pp 102-103

TN: re: Sichuan Devastating Earthquake

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