Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book - Mr. Nice Guy

A Rotten Good Person (as in a Mr. Nice Guy)
Transliteration of Lan Hou Yan 爛好人

My friends like to tease that I am a rotten good person. 爛好人
A rotten good person? How to define that? As I see it, it is someone who will say ‘fine’ to everything, and say ‘can’ to everything, too. You bring up a problem, I help you resolve it. I was obviously not at fault, but I took the blame, anyway. In any case, just not much of a character. So long no distress is caused and no principles are compromised, if everybody says fine, it will be fine by me too.

Perhaps it is so! But I see myself more as someone who is willing than most to step out of his comfort zone, that’s all!

Frankly, I do not ask much from the people around me. So long no evilness is entailed; I am more than willing to extend my hand in friendship. So long we are fated to meet (yuan fen), even if for just a one-time happenstance, I will not be discourteous to you. And if our “yuan” is strong, even if we only meet once every three years, I will still consider you a close friend. Even if your creed differs from mine, so long it is righteous, I will keep it in mind.

All that I’ve said, I believe my friends will not contest. But I know my one behavior that they truly abhor the most is ‘forgive’.

To present, the one reproof I have heard the most from my friends would be: “What’s the matter with you? He/she treats you like this, and you still let it go?” 有沒有搞錯﹖ 人家都這樣對你﹐你還能就此作罷? Honestly, this reproof I have truly heard reiterated too many times. Sometimes, my friends got so mad at me over this that they walked out on me. But of course in the end, they always come back.

Not that I am saying myself is a good person; what to do, I am who I am. Mortal lives on earth are so ephemeral; that we met means we have ‘yuan’. My bottom line is: do not touch my family, else, I will fight you to the bitter end. So, since no deep-seated hatred prevailed, how long can one hate?

Sometimes while staring into space, I looked back to the brief period of the earlier half of my life: what I have had, what I have lost, happy or sad? Regardless, I have lived and experienced. As to the latter half of my life, I only wish to live it happily, and to wish those close to me to also live theirs happily. To love and care for those close to you is no easy task, so why add on hate?

My friends, if behaving thus is considered a rotten good person, let me rot then!

  pp104 - 105

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