Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book - Learning Emphasizes Self-Deficiency

Love to read, love the feel of refuge in reading! My formal schooling was not much, moreover, I was not much of a diligent student, either! The period after high school graduation made me realize just how precious knowledge is. I never feel inferior but I will introspect on self-deficiency, and understand that during our living years we should never abandon learning, even if we had squandered our learning opportunities during our school days. Upon self-awareness, a new start is never too late.

“Learning emphasizes self-deficiency”, this phrase was conveyed to me years ago by a good teacher and helpful friend, Teacher Feng. Quite right! Learning increases knowledge, this is to be expected. But what is more important to grasp is that learning brings out the awareness of one’s deficiency. People often times are deceived by their inner selves into thinking that their present knowledge is unbeatable. Who knows, once one jumps out of that particular mind frame, one will momentarily be compared down. I am not trying to sound profound, but have had actually experienced this kind of incident.

Don’t know when I fell in love with Chinese history. And had taken to spouting everything I knew on it in every waking moment; superciliously dropping off my school bag (knowledge) everywhere, thinking highly of my knowledge in Chinese history.

Later, I chatted with a high school student, and the chat segued into a discussion on Chinese history. Who knew, out of his mouth out poured this smooth flow of knowledgeable dissertation on Chinese history. His handle on Chinese history was so much more than mine. I was stunned. Looking into my mirror, the person reflected on it was actually a frog in a well.

I am not being self-deprecating but just knowing one self.

Don’t know, don’t understand; don’t worry about it, only worry having no desire to learn!

The sea of learning is boundless, only diligence delimits its shoreline; moreover, the world is so big; the mind is so wide and limitless. In life’s turbulent waves, the earlier skills accumulated through learning will subsequently enhance our job competence, and will instill self-confidence when confronting adversities or challenges, and will imbue a sense of security; it is a blessing to behold.

2008 book - 圖文並謬 Pp 90

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