Saturday, October 16, 2010

LOW - Fans Meeting @ Hengdian (3)

Shanghai fans’ Meeting with Steven at Hengdian
2005/ 12/ 26

They said: “If you don’t reveal, then you’ll each be fined 200 yuen!” Tian na! Where can we get that much money? We refused to yield. At that moment, we truly felt this defiance of: “money I’ve none, but life I’ve one”. Seeing our mulishness got us nowhere with security, we switched tack; we took to imploring and not a little bit of cajoling, finally we got the fine down from 200 yuen each to 40 yuen each, and we could leave unhindered. But it’s only 8 o’clock in the morning, and we had come so close that I felt cheated to have to leave now, so I tried one more time: “OK, we’ll pay the fines, but if we also pay the 40 yuen tickets, can you please let us stay?” He said he would have to call his supervisor and proceeded to do so from his cellphone. When he hung up, he said: “You’re in trouble now. The boss said 200 yuen each, non-negotiable.” Thereafter, we continued to argue back and forth, and pretty soon the situation was blown out of proportion. Other people tried to help us out but to no avail. Of course, Xiao Hua came by too. Thinking that we would not be able to get inside the grounds, I gave the photos and posters to Xiao Hua for Mazai’s signatures. And so the stalemate continued. Security began to intimidate us: “If you don’t pay up the fines, next time, their troupe will not be able to film here!” Xiao Hua soon re-appeared with the signed photos. We were weary of arguing so we decided to pay the 200 yuen fines and leave. When Kaka was about to hand in the money, Xiao Hua asked the security: “How much?” He said 200 and Xiao Hua fished out 200 bills from her bag and gave them to security. When we saw that we tried to stop her but she would have none of it. We felt bad. And so downhearted, we prepared to leave. But the guard, after conversing with a troupe member, turned to us and said: “You may go in now.” OMG! Did I hear right? Mood took a 180 degrees change. Sky instantly brightened up. And so we entered the grounds once more. 55555! We're on our way to see Mazai again.

paraphrased version of the source below

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