Saturday, October 16, 2010

LOW - Fans Meeting @ Hengdian (4)

part 4

When Mazai saw us, he was very happy and immediately asked: "So? They didn’t scold you all ba?” Seeing Mazai’s adorable expression, we all laughed and said: “No! No!” Later, behind our backs, he quietly asked Xiao Hua how much did she pay? Xiao Hua said 200 yuen. (Actually I saw everything. hei! hei!) Later, Mazai walked over to a colleague nearby and in Cantonese said something along this line: “Such a small matter and they fined 200 yuen wo!” And then he did this funny action; his hands balled into fists, he kicked out one leg into the air and exclaimed in Mandarin: “Qi shi wo le!” All at once, the cheerful atmosphere came back again.

Later Ammy recounted to us what happened here in our absence; we were extremely touched! When we left Mazai was truly anxious. Ammy was our only link, without her, we certainly would not have been able to come back inside. During that time when Mazai was discussing the problem with Mo, another security guard glanced at Ammy suspiciously. And so Mo signaled her with his eyes, Ammy promptly pretended to pass him the clothes, acting like his assistant. Seeing it, the guard left. Mo said to Ammy: “Ni hao cai!” (You’re lucky!) Mazai saw Ammy nonstop text messaging us with her cellphone, so whenever he was not at work, he would bug her for our news. Later, when Ammy received yet another Kaka’s text message, she had to search for it because there were so many stored in her phone. Mazai getting impatient finally snatched the phone over and found the correct one. When done reading the text, Mazai immediately went looking for Xiao Hua, calling out her name as he walked from one site to another; standing on top of the bridge, he hollered out her name. Finally he found her and told her: “Xiao Hua, make a phone call. Hengdian’s president is my buddy. We even had dinner together before.” Xiao Hua looked through her phone list and said: “Don’t have his phone numbers!” Even thought we did not witness the events, but just listening to Ammy’s narration, we were already so very, very touched.--- Mazai, we were truly, truly very sorry! We caused you so much trouble. Recalling it now still made me feel so bad!

condensed version of source
source: 大海探班 revised 07-03-21 22:17 version

Xiao Feng brought Wuxi ribs for Mazai. Mazai said: "We're just about to go out for dinner. May I share this with them?" We all said ok. But Kaka this girl actually said, 'No...Bu yao.. Mazai exclaimed: Bu yao ... don't share with them?" Kaka finished off her sentence....Bu yao jing.. No problem!


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