Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book - A Magic Portal


When young I loved to watch cartoons, especially Dingdong. Today, Dingdong’s name has been changed to Doraemon. I remember when young, of all Dingdong’s magical objects, I loved the magic portal the most. Just imagine, say where you want to go and the door duly opens, and there you are! Now that I am all grown up, my most favorite magical object is still the magic portal.

It is simply amazing! There’s no lapse of time to consider, no boundary hassles to deal with, and no traffic jams to get caught in! The four corners of the world are all within a short distance. Actually, I too possess a magic portal; it’s my thoughts. The freedom of thoughts is unlimited. No matter where one is, all one has to do is close both eyes, and immediately one is flying freely in one’s thoughts. Whatever one wishes to see, to get or desire, they can all manifest before you! This kind of freedom not even fascism can expunged.

I love to roam inside my thoughts.

Not posturing any philosophy or artsy affectations, but in real life, things don’t always go our way, and often times are even beyond our control. Hence, to indulge ourselves of this magic portal to get what we normally cannot get in real life, why not?

Just like how Dingdong’s name change is outside my control; but to me, he is still the big head, small body, round eyes and watermelon mouth Little Dingdong. You change your last name; I keep my first name; don’t care.

In the cartoon, Dingding is a simplistic and cute cartoon figure; the cartoon has simple plots and projects uncomplicated feelings! But undoubtedly, Dingdong is a philosophy. In Dingdong’s philosophy you can see real life characters, the fine line straddling righteousness and evil, and the struggles between good vs bad. Even to having the good and bad always getting their deserved endings, the cartoon explicitly illustrates that to the fullest.

Anyway, will not touch on that for right now.

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