Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book - Women


Two women, two mothers, talk about what?
“I won’t want to be a female in my next lifetime!”
Or perhaps,
“I would still love to be a female!”
Two women, two mothers, complaint about what?
“I wish my son is like this!”
Or perhaps,
“I wish my daughter is like that!
Haha! Two women, two mothers; amusing!
Women, in my heart, are represented by mothers, sisters and of course, wife. (lo po dai yan)
Women, in my heart, represent attentiveness, solicitude, romance, efforts, sacrifice.
Women, in my heart, represent being over-sensitive, suspicious, petty, imaginative, emotional.
Truly, women’s good or not good, there’s no need to elaborate especially women who are mothers; 

put aside their shortcomings, just their virtues will be too many to numerate.
In any case, take labor pains, can we even endure that?
Truly, in my whole life I could never experience such pain as that!
I know many women, single, married, those who love liveliness and those who prefer solitude.
But what do they really want in the end?
A husband? A boyfriend? Older brother? Younger brother? Son? Friends?
Or perhaps a father? ShushuUncle? Jiujiu uncle?
Or companions?
Women, I really don’t get what you’re thinking?
Perhaps, you too think us men are at times…very clueless!不知所谓!
But then, males and women are naturally very different!
Don’t want to talk! One of my petphrases is: Women, just let me be! 

不願談! 是我口禪之一, 女人, 讓我吧!
If our mindsets are the same, then, no discussions is even necessary!
And so, women, I am willing on behalf of all men to say sorry to you all
I am willing on behalf of all men to say to you all … I understand your hardship
And have also experienced your grief;
Hope to share your happiness, even more so, hope to stand by your side!
Women ya, women ya…we love you!

Pp108 -109

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