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AJCL Theme Song

Posted 03 December 2009 - 01:37 PM  
The themesong is a duet by Steven and Linda
song name: "A little story"

A Little Story
The road ahead sheds no light, only smoke.
Have learned to find a thread of vision while being drunk.
Looking back with bitterness striped, remembrance as life's marks.
Having existed, it must have meaning. If outcome deviates there is still tomorrow.

When hurt is deep, tears can't flow
Breathing becomes erratic, can't speak when face to face.
When eyes turn red, crying is not a shame
Male or female, who does not have grievances.

Even if outcome is known, even if one is sacrificed, will do so willingly.
The road ahead is tough, but not afraid of falling because you’re by my side.
Forget yesterday’s doubts, keep your course even in adversity
No regrets; this life is not long but neither is it short.
Ah..embracing each other, eye to eye.
Will you remember
My life on earth
Waiting for this little story

The full song. 3:12 mins
金石良缘主题曲 - 小故事


女: 前路没灯只有烟 学会醉中找视线
回望剩低苦涩  也可将人生的好纪念
存在过总有意义 若结果真分别了 还是有明天

男: 当伤到尽时 不懂淌泪
呼吸也乱 有口难言面对
女: 当双眼渐红 哭不算罪
男或女 谁没有苦水

合: 纵使结果早已知 就算牺牲都愿意
前路有多苦 未怕摔倒 全因你紧靠住
忘掉昨天那怀疑 在困境坚守路线
无憾了 这辈子未算长未觉短
啊 相拥对视
你 可否记住
我 生於世上
等 这小故事

Even before the series was aired, the grapevine had Steven pegged as the lyricist of its theme song. But the credit roll had Yi Ngau (二牛) as the lyricist. Regardless of whether Steven wrote the lyrics or not (and I think he did), its literary style and thoughts absolutely reflect those in his 2007-03-04 blog entry. Ah On is his alter ego.

Posted 12 April 2010 - 08:44 PM
On apr 11, 2010, Steven was asked by fan on why he used Er Niu as his lyricist's pseudonym for A Little Story.
Posted Image
Steven's reply: Ms. V. Lok came up with that pseudonym. I believe maybe she thought I'm as hardworking as a buffalo, and also hoped that I'm just as down-to-earth as it is. Why 2nd? Because she is the big sister, and we are all younger brothers.

So Ms. Lok saw Steven as a hardworking buffalo? Very apt!! 

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 10:05 AM

Steven’s monologue in the trailer

I can never see where the shortcuts are
A frame of scenery, a stretch of road
Bypassing a frame, its scenery will never be savored.
It’s better to be late than to never get there
Why hurry and waste this big, straight road
Moreover, once arrived and the running stops,
I’ll be lost as to what to do next
That sense of being grounded to earth,
can only be felt when the feet hit the ground
Whether the road is straight or crooked,
Follow one’s own rhythm
Till the journey ends
Step by step

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  1. My only comment: This is one of my absolutely favorite themesongs! The lyrics are perfect and very touching!