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Some favorite scenes

Simply one of my favorite scenes. If I didn't love Ah On then, I love him now for his unique..erm..way of showing affection for a girl. lol!

epi 11 more sweet than funny but still funny.
Gaga asks Ah On to get with the time - to use the online dictionary and chuck his dictionary at hand away. The topic segues to learning English. Ah On says he knows some English and proceeds to show off his grasp of it. He says ........and then unexpectedly says: You're so stupid! to Gaga. And of course Gaga will have none of that from him and so they wrestle each other on sofa. When the unexpected bodily contact with Gaga made Ah On's heart go thump thump, Ah On knows he has fallen for Gaga, despite himself.

And of course, nothing can escape a loving mother's eyes. She initiated a heart to heart talk with Ah On about his feelings for Gaga, and encourages him to pursue her. Haha! A 33 year-old man still blushes at the mention of the girl he loves. This kind of men still exist in this century??

And later Ah On did try to express his feelings to Gaga, but deliberately or unknowingly, the latter forestalled his attempts by declaring him her big brother. Poor Ah On was crushed.


I've something to tell you. You're so stupid! How come you understand? You think I'm a retard!
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There I was, anticipating Ah On's declaration of love to Gaga...but he sure had me fooled! Thank goodness for the unexpected.

See!-- solid On Zai can be mischievious, too. Call me stoopid but I love this man. Where can I find him in real life?

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Ah On sum dong (heart moved): From playfulness to epiphany to jolted
Grin slips; epiphany strikes
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Internal turmoil - Is it love that he's feeling inside?

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  I thought it's bad manner to give a book as present because book in Chinese sounds like 'loss/lost' (shu)

Posted 17 April 2008 - 09:46 PM
Pour on the honey, I felt all warm and fuzzy after finishing episode 14.

~~Ah On & Fat Boss~~
Seeing how tight these two friends are, I can very well understand Roy’s jealousy of On.

The scene shot of them sitting together on a narrow bench under a shady tree accentuated two very dissimilar persons in appearance and age yet who bonded like two peas in a peapod. They share a friendship in the truest form of mutual affection and trust that transcends a generation gap. They are each other confidantes and comforter. It’s very telling that Fat Boss chooses to confide his fear of the operation to Ah On than to his wife; and Ah On knows exactly how to allay his fear with humor.

On: Yeah, it can tough being a man but I’m different from you. I’m a true chivalrous swordman. But you’re just pretending to be heroic.
Fat Boss: You must win the championship or else I’ll die unwillingly.
A different scene in the hospital after the surgery and after the marathon:
Fat Boss: Next time, for my sake, please win the championship

On: I won bronze for your sake because you said if I won the gold you'll go to your grave contentedly.

Fat Boss: You cheeky boy! Throwing my words back at me. Come over here, let me slap your butt!

Aside: Apparently during the series production, Steven and Kent were thick as thieves on the set. According to E-buzz interview with Gaga’s oldest stepbrother, they were constantly in each other’s company on set.

As for Ah On and Gaga finally getting together as a couple – their moments were sweet but their chemistry as lovers just wasn’t as strong; it’s more like big brother and younger sister? Was it because of their age gap? What do you all think? Maybe I should wait for their later scenes.

But I like that knowing look on Steven's face when he realized that Gaga was jealous, and also the bashful look when he announces at his birthday that he and Gaga are dating.

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