Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fala Chen Confides her Concerns to Steven Ma

The tv series, Links to Temptation, which is produced by Producer Tsui Yu On, and starring Steven Ma, Fala Chen and Yoyo Mung will air immediately following “Gun Metal Grey” at 9:30 pm on December 13.  Steven, who has been preoccupied with filming “Thunder in the Forbidden City”, did a late-night shooting for  “Links’ promo video the other night.

Steven says: “Once “Thunder” started filming, the schedules are really tight. The breaks in between are not enough.  Also, every scene is a fight scene; arms, legs and waist are all hurting. Now I truly understand how it feels to be covered all over with cuts and bruises.  But hearing that a series will be out soon, I feel very happy.  So no matter how exhausting it gets, I can bear it.”  When pointed out that the new series will follow “GMG” in a golden timeslot, Steven expresses that he is not overly concern about the airing timeslot. “Experience shows me that so long it is a good series, it will receive support from the audience, regardless when it’s aired.”

Real Ability
Fala Chen, who is also filming the same promo video, candidly reveals that this was her first female lead role since entering the television industry, and for that she feels very excited.  “I love to partner with Ah Gor (Elder Brother / i.e. Steven). I got to know him after entering the industry. He loves me dearly.  I confide in him my concerns, whereby he helps me see things from a different perspective.   What’s more, he can keep a secret.  Steven is a close friend whom I respect very much and trust.”  She hopes “Links” will garner good ratings.  And also wish Steven well in his bid to win the tv king award in this year anniversary award ceremony. “I’ve high hopes for Ah Gor.  He has real ability. The best thing is that we both win an award through Ghost Writer.”  Fala adds that if Steven wins the award, they will have a celebratory dinner.  ‘Just so Ah Gor will be happy, and just so there will be a dinner, I wish Ma Zai all the best in winning the award.”    

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