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Please Remember to Vote for Steven's Pu Chung Ling in Ghost Writer

Posted 30 May 2010 - 07:38 PM@ asianfanatics GW thread #1

Ghost Writer needs all the publicity it can get. Steven has posted his Ghost Writer invitation on weibo; Steven Ma baidu has posted hundreds of invitation to fellow baidu-ians; and I, hereby, extend my invitation* to fellow forumers to watch Ghost Writer on June 7 at 8:30 pm on TVB Jade.


Steven Ma Baidu Bar
Linda Chung Baidu Bar
Fala Chen Baidu Bar

Together, we sibling bars cordially invite you to join us for the June 7th TVB premiere of Ghost Writer

In a loveless world, (he) penned ghosts and fox spirits who love;
Using satirical words to jab at corrupt and tyrannical officialdom.

Love listening to the autumn tomb ghost choir**~~~~
He wrote about ghosts, foxes, spirits and demons;
His own personal experiences;
or, purely dream ravings?

Built a hut, shunned the world and wrote Liao Zhai. -----------
The latter half of his life a dismal disappointment,
yet leaving behind to latter generations of innumerable
peerless and sublime strange tales.

A simple, fragile young lady, a good person by nature;
because of a misunderstanding, a relationship happened.
Sentient demons came forth a naughty fox spirit,
so as to repay a debt of gratitude lingers in the mortal world.
She has traveled thousands of miles traversing thousands of mountains,
bracing the winds, waiting.
She has made all haste in a journey filled with trials and tribulations,
and has experienced the vicissitudes of life.
She worries a long delay could incur unforeseen obstacles.
Question love, can past hurt be summarily forgotten?
She sighs at the unrealistic rosy view.
Propose separation, only then can a future be possible?
Disillusioned with secular world, overwhelmed with sadness,
only hope that for the rest of his life,
to have these two beauties with him in the study room.
She holds the cup; she lights the lamp;
blissful and carefree.

Love ye? Hate ye? Real ye? Fantasy ye?
Like just being awakened from a dream,
hovering between dream and awakening.
What’s demonic?
What’s epiphanic?
The separate realms of humans, fox spirits, ghosts, demons,
can familiarity eliminate the confusion?
Too much confusion, yet see too much;
Too little understanding; too much reasoning; too few clues.......
Can only sigh: Mortal world is ruthless, ghosts and foxes have righteousness;
towards this inversion of equilibrium, write my spirit-mortal intertwined world.


An uncompromising penning of ghost fox relationship.
A moving, tears inducing human ghost relationship.
A tumultuous and bleak mortal world,
A collection of magnificent legendary strange tales.
Premiering in the invigorating summer of June,
From the bizarre and grotesque in the bogey world
To the passion and sensuality of sirens’ guiles and wiles.

June 7th at 8:30 pm
Lock in to tvb ancient drama new series: Ghost Writer.

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Translation:  Tamaya
credit Ghost Writer invitation: steven ma baidu

* translation of baidu invitation
**爱听秋坟鬼唱诗 (last stanza of a Qing poem written about Pu Songling)

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