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Ghost Writer Opening Theme video

Posted 19 June 2010 - 06:50 PM

Here's Steven's 心竅 complete MV. The is buffering so much for me, I still haven't finished watching it. But I love the opening scene already, a solitary figure in white seemingly lost and entangled by whilte, floating gauzy cloths that hung fluttering from above bellowed by the wind. The atmosphere is so very ethereal and otherwordly, especially when emphasized by the piano tinkling and the female choir. Enjoy! superior youtube audio    hd video 

Clear Thinking (心竅)

Too much confusion; see far too much; understand too little
The expected long and dark night finally breaks into dawn
Pitch-black hearts are the ones most unfathomable; unpredictable
Too many cloud images, too many reasons, but too few clues
Until deep into the long, dark night illuminated by starlight.
Hear the wind’s poem elucidating the world’s wonders

As if awakening from a dream,
Wordless, only then can hear the cries of the heart
Destiny in a mirror’s reflection, flowers in the mist
No matter how beautiful, they are not needed

As if in a dream, can’t awaken
Only after shedding tears will then comprehend true laughter
Love is deep; night is deep; and then there is dawn, too.
Too many companions, too many along the way, too few stay behind
Never mind whether humans or demons; evil overwhelms clear thinking*.
Have wine tonight, let the troubles be forgotten

As if awakening from a dream,
Was obviously laughing, how come now crying.
Destiny in a mirror's reflection, flowers in the mist;
the more illusionary, the faster the heart beats

As if in a dream, can’t awaken,
Was obviously crying, how come now laughing despite oneself.
Too much grievances, too much hate, only love alone is too little.

Steven's singing makes me feel like crying. This song just stirs my heart for the singer's rein-in angst. Never felt this way before over a themesong. Steven's crooning has no histrionics, no climaxes; rather accompanied by the piano tinkling it flows like a relentless river wrapping around its listeners with its palpable pain and confusion and disillusion. Watching the video,following the lyrics and listening to the song simultaneously only re-emphasized the feeling in me of the insignificance of men against the whims  of gods and human nature. 如夢初醒 明明還在笑怎麼哭了 鏡中緣 霧裡花 最假的 才越心跳 如夢不醒 明明流淚了怎麼失笑 怨很長 恨太多 唯愛太少 powerful lyrics!

simply awesome:- visually aesthetic, aurally euphonious = mesmerizing, evoking emotions and imagination!

The female choir's wailing prelude instantly sets the pathos of the song. Steven's crooning accompanied by the piano started off softly and gently, then building, cresting, but still fall short of a crescendo, to finally peter out as a soft murmuring totally evoked for me of PSL starting out with so much potential, straining to reach his potential only to fall short; broken and disillusioned. The tune rises and ebbs but hardly breaking the melodious flow of quietness and the sense of helplessness and despair. PSL was but a speck in the grand scheme of things. 

Make me want to get PSL a big hug to comfort him. 

Visually - stunning, arresting; pathos, full of pathos. Evoking to me that sadly humans are but an insignificant speck in the universe. Our experiences are big to us and to our loved ones, but in the end, everything comes to past. PSL was downtrodden during his life time, but was revered by latter generations. 

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作曲 鄧智偉
填詞 張美賢
編曲 Johnny Yim
監製 鄧智偉

迷惑太多 能望見太多 明白太少
預計長夜深 終於天曉
暗黑的心 才最叵測 難料

雲象太多 而道理太多 提示太少
直到長夜深 星光普照
聽風的詩 能證世間 奇妙

如夢初醒 無言才動聽心的呼叫
鏡中緣 霧裡花 再美好 從未需要
如夢不醒 茫然流淚過方懂真笑
愛很長 夜再深 還有破曉

迷惑太多 能望見太多 明白太少
預計長夜深 終於天曉
暗黑的心 才最叵測 難料

同伴太多 沿路過太多 留下太少
別算人或妖 鬼影心竅 
有酒今宵 讓最困擾 忘掉

如夢初醒 明明還在笑怎麼哭了
鏡中緣 霧裡花 最假的 才越心跳
如夢不醒 明明流淚了怎麼失笑
怨很長 恨太多 唯愛太少

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