Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bumped up for reminiscence: 心竅 mv interpretation

Posted 20 June 2010 - 04:19 AM
My interpretation of Steven Ma's 心竅mv, theme song of Ghost Writer.
youku hd video.

I love this psl mv. I love Steven's looks. 
The close up on Steven's face shows a lean and masculine, and very sculptured face of angles, ridges and planes. A troubled face with downcast eyes and creased forehead. His immobility, impassiveness, and quietness added to the sense of loneliness, of solitary, of detachment all combined to give off an aura of a mysterious person; who is this man? This self-absorbed man with downcast eyes. A man torn in 3 (?) Love the contrast of black and white. Love the play of different lighting. Love the sinewy Steven dressed in all black vs a Steven dressed in all white.  Love everything about the mv. Most of all, love Steven's soft and mournful crooning.

In a world of grayness, where no absolute white or absolute black exists, 
where clear thinking is obscured by confusion, grief, disillusion and illusion.

A lost soul trapped in its own mind, entangled in confusion, 
turning this way and twirling that way, 
unable to find a way out of the haziness and sterility of its own delusions.
Hazy smoke shrouds the way, billowing drapes hung from nowhere; he's lost.
He looks quizzically to heavens; alone and confused, once again.
He turns right then left, in big circles and small circles, this way and that way 
but no matter what, always, eventually ended up where he started.
Too much confusion;..too much reasoning, too few hints.
A soul standing at crossroads, white vs black; light vs darkness; good vs evil..??? Pensive face, faraway eyes. Who will show the way? Why hasn't the night turn light yet?

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Buffeted by darkness vs lightness; his reality in an all out battle against an illusion reflected by the mirror.

Can’t be awakened from a dream.. a recurring nightmarish dream! 

Eyes raised in silent pleading, too numb to plead in words.

Light of lotus purity beckoning, come, come to the light, lost soul.
Self battling self! Torn in half! Oh, God, help me!
Light shines on him, but his eyes, 
dulled by desolation and hopelessness, couldn't see.

Refuses to break out, stuck inside his mind, 
entrapped in self-imprisonment!

Not listening…go away! 
Human or demon or ghost obscuring clear thinking. 
Help me! Please! Help me get out of the darkness!

Take my hand, come to the light! 
Walk away, turn your back to the darkness!
Internal struggles; disassembling into pieces!
Forget the worst, reassembling new self but at what cost.
Night has departed, but arrival of dawn 
can't chase away the strong grievances and hatred.
And love not strong enough to stop opposing struggles.
Don't be lost, grasp the lifeline of light and purity.
Leave self-imprisonment
Free yourself with clear thinking!
screen caps by: Tamaya @ asianfanatics
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  1. Great write-up, all dissected and detailed!

    1. Thanks! I love both the modern theme song mv and GW theme video. And I love the song too right behind Heaven's Will, the latter's music being more epic,dramatic and blood rousing.