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Revised 2015: Interesting facts on Steven's nicknames.

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Why Grand Piggy Ma? 
refer from AF post 383 post 941
Steven chose the below fan's piggy drawing among many others on baidu to upload onto his weibo.

sm baidu - question on the origin of Grand Piggy Ma
sm baidu - origin of SM weibo posts starting post# 287

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Steven calls his weibo Grand Piggy Ma Abode.
"Grand Piggy Ma Abode - opens 24/7, no minimum fees because there is no charge. All are welcome! 
(tn: Steven has since removed the above blurb from his weibo.)

This came about because one day Steven was commenting on how his weibo is like a gathering place for his fans. He is happy to see that. He says maybe his weibo is like a: 1) bar 2) coffee house 3) a diner, 4) 4th brother's inn? But his fans were against his suggestion because all his suggested venues imply a transitory place where people come and go and do not stay long; to them Steven weibo is HOME. Some came up with "chat room". In the end settled on Grand Piggy Ma Abode because they insisted on calling his weibo "home 之家". sweet!

Why picked May 20 (520) as the designated piggy family day?
Because 5/20 is not only close to Steven's weibo opening day but also for Mainland netizens, 520 sounds like "Wo ai ni", so it is a propitious day to exchange words of affections between Steven and his little piggies.

2010-5-20 16:49 p140 馬浚偉 :好吧,那就把5月20日定為我太豬日[豬頭].....不是,是"馬太豬家庭日"吧![乾杯][乾杯][乾杯]la la la la la [愛你]

The origin of Gand Piggy Ma
It all began with Steven posting his collection of his cartoon idol, Dingdong, (2010-4-18 19:30 - see comments pp 75-79) and asked his fans to guess what other cartoon figure items he has collected. Some guessed this apparently very popular China cartoon tv  Pleasant Goat and Big Bad Wolf (喜羊羊與灰太狼) but the answer of course is Bumblebee of The Transformers.  Steven said he actually quite like Wolf/Goat too. He then mischieviously altered the cartoon name from (喜羊羊與灰太狼) to (灰羊羊與喜太狼) . Playing along, a fan asked Steven whether he is Big Bad Wolf Xi (Xi Tai Lang 喜太狼) or Grey Goat (灰羊羊), he said he was Grand Piggy Ma 马太猪, and so that name stuck and accordingly his fans became Little Piggies. see sm baidu link post# 287

馬浚偉:我是馬太豬 2010-4-18 20:15

2010-4-18 19:30 The original post that started it all. (comments on pp 75-79)
2010-4-18 20:05 馬浚偉:說真的,我也挺喜欢喜羊羊和灰太狼! 香港也看到,挺好笑的![哈哈]
2010-4-18 20:08 馬浚偉:灰太羊和喜狼狼![太阳]
2010-4-18 20:12 zita霖霖:四哥,你是灰羊羊还是喜狼狼?[嘻嘻]
2010-4-18 20:15 馬浚偉:我是馬太豬

sm baidu 4/23/2010 p8 post#330-336 The next wolf/goat weibo post few days later.

And of course many weiboans immediately set out to point out the incorrect wolf/goat title: his (灰羊羊與喜太狼) vs  (喜羊羊與灰太狼) .  Steven says he knew, he did that on purpose, reminding them of his wolf/goat previous comment posted a days ago.

p 169 2010-4-23 13:36 馬浚偉:沒有啦,是上次我們討論時我故意把牠們對調的!忘了嗎?:D

His comment generated a lively discussion on his weibo before long someone suggested to Steven to write a cartoon tv story.

And Steven, ever obliging, came up with a brief story about this: Mushroom Head Horse encounters Grey Goat and they got talking. Suddenly Big Bad Wolf Xi appears. Terrified of being eaten, Horse and Goat quickly transformed into Pandas. Wolf laughs and says: Are you pretending to be roasted pigs? haha! Don't worry, I only eat bamboo shoots. Horse's and Goat's jaws dropped. hahah! Am I being silly, (mo liu.) 

*Pig = Steven's zodiac.

**Panda = jibe on himself looking like a panda because of the dark circles under his eyes due to lack of sleep. So he jestingly calls panda his 3rd brother.

***mushroom = play on a previous post whereby he mis-wrote "mushroom" for another word, and of course fans raced each other for the 'honor' to be the first to point out this mistake to their 4th Brother. 

Swept by Steven's silliness, his fans uploaded their own cartoon drawings of Grand Piggy Ma. And Steven even uploaded one of them on weibo. And he too said he would upload one of his own drawings of Grand Piggy Ma. His fans quickly crowned him the grand master of pigs and they his little piggies. And thus Grand Piggy Ma came into being. And Steven obligingly accepted that nickname when he named his weibo, Grand Piggy Ma Abode. Must say Steven is indeed a very good host to his weibo fans with his interesting entries and chats. Also, his fans' adulation must be a big ego booster to him. The downside of this voracious idol-fans interactions is that familiarity usually breeds contempt and familiarity can also lead to fans' false sense of proprietary ownership of their idol. Hope it won't happen to Steven.

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