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why 4th Brother

 Why 4th brother? AF ref: post 1382

Why 4th brother?  Ha, this has a much longer history than his Grand Piggy  Ma's.  Way back to year 2003-4? Outwardly, the reason given is that  Steven is fourth in his family, hence 4th brother.  But the nickname  holds a deeper meaning for the group of fans who came up with it.  I bet  not even Steven knows the deeper meaning underlying that affectionate  nickname of his.  Steven clinched that nickname when one day out of the  blue he uploaded a baidu fan's article onto his yahoo blog and signed  off as 4th brother.

  *I just read the above article on baidu.  I didn’t transfer the article here just because of her praise but because she seems to understand me rather well, especially this phrase: 自然風流. (naturally fung lao) Haha!  I accept.  So, besides thank you, also want to share.  Hopefully, lout and you all would not mind!  4th Brother.  refer post 1201

With one stroke, he not only let his fans know that he reads  and appreciates their posts in baidu but that he accepts their nickname  for him -- in effect stating that they are one big fans/cyber family,  with him as the 4th brother and they're his younger siblings. ref: post 1208 .

old quote:  Steven  sure knows how to get into his fans' hearts by signing off as 4th  brother, his fans' pet name for him. thank-you-lout-know-me-quite-well  And before that he had signed off  with 等我! Wait for me! Very perceptive! 

The source of 4th Brother nickname
From the archives of Steven's Warm House fansite on how the pet name 4th brother, (sei goh) came about.

dialogue between 2 fans on the fansite.  
I: How did his pet name sei goh come about?
SY: Simple, doesn't he have 3 older sisters? He’s # 4 so sei goh lah! (Thank goodness HK has no one child policy)

I: But I know this pet name has another meaning – it imparts a warm feeling亲切when addressing him as such, right?

SY: very warm feeling. At least it’s also more restrain than calling him ‘baby /darling /treasure /boubiu. 宝贝.
I: Also there’s a 3rd meaning too. In the olden days, lovers addressed each other as goh ya, miu ya, hing ya .

SY: Yong Goh even addresses Xiu Long Nui as Gugu. Goh goh ya, mui mui ya etc aren't they the same?
I: Right, so this pet name shows his importance in your heart.

SY: en, I respect him!!!
I: And? Admire him? Adore him wholeheartedly?
SY: respect, 尊敬; adore/admire, 爱慕; feel a tenderness/compassion towards him 怜惜. you paparazzi you. 你这个狗仔队的。
I: 怜惜?

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