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Bump up! opm-Grand Piggy Ma Family Day

Reminscing: How it all started 5 years ago! 

Qing Newspaper
May 24 2012
One Pen Ma column
Steven Ma

Grand Piggy Ma Family Day
May 20th has a special meaning in mainland. 520 when spoken in Mandarin sounds like "wo ai ni" (tn: I love you), so every year May 20 becomes a day to express love.

520 is also the day I opened my weibo two years ago, (sic. 2010 April 3rd) so my fans and I have this arrangement that every year 520 will be the "Grand Piggy Ma Family Day"  (馬太豬家庭日).  On that day, I will interact with a group of little piggies on my weibo, be it idle chatting or sharing pictures, all done to thank them for their continual support to me.

Someone asks, why "Grand Piggy Ma" (馬太豬)?  Why am I "4th Brother"? They are called "Little Piggies"?  Very simple: My last name is Ma, zodiac is pig, and I'm the fourth in my family, and also likes to watch Pleasant Goat and Grey Wolf 喜羊羊與灰太狼).  This explanation, wonder if you all understand or not?

In a blink of an eye, Grand Piggy Ma house has now been established for two years already. I'm very thankful to each and every little piggy's support and encouragement for.all these years.  At the time when feeling tired or unhappy reading your messages is like a heart strengthening booster shot giving me energy to continue forging towards my ideals.

Little piggies, you all love me, and I too love you all, 520s!

2010-5-20 16:49  page 140
馬浚偉:好吧,那就把5月20日定為我太豬日[豬頭].....不是,是"馬太豬家庭日"吧![乾杯][乾杯][乾杯]la la la la la [愛你]


Haha! The 1st weibo 520 post 2010-5-20 12:49 has 4316 comments and only 1 like. Times sure have changed, nowadays, there are more 'likes' than comments.

To get a more in-depth account on how Grand Piggy Ma Family Day actually came about goto: Why Grand Piggy Ma? Why 520? Why 4th Brother tidbit page.

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