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Steps - commentary on 1st dance

Steps: Episode 10
Posted 25 October 2007 - 06:08 PM
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"Steps" is the very first Steven's series that I posted commentary on in Below are some of my postings.

The music starts, “I don’t know why you hesitate everytime you’re near me.” Sum Ying proffers her hand to Ka Tsun, and invites with her eyes and her smile; Ka Tsun, taken aback, hesitates, then accepts. Somehow, sometime, Sum Ying has shed her vest, and Ka Tsun, his jacket.   Hand reaching out, Sum Ying invites Ka Tsun to lead, but again he hesitates momentarily, then grabs her hand and pulls her towards him. Feeling conflicted, he immediately backs off again and let go of her. Confused, Sum Ying too backs away.  Awkwardness hangs over the space which quickly widens between them. Undeterred, Sum Ying once again invites with her hand; and once again, in spite of himself, Ka Tsun accepts, as if in a trance. But when Sum Ying gets too close, Ka Tsun immediately breaks off their hold and retreats.  He is being pulled from both sides: his attraction to her and his aversion to a love relationship.  Feeling his struggles, Sum Ying takes charge; if he won’t lead, she will. Holding his right hand, she firmly wraps his arm around her waist. With her face turns sideways to his, she gently cradles his face with her left arm which she then slowly let drop to caress the full length of his arm.

Judging from Ka Tsun’s glazed eyes, he is spellbound but not quite for when she tries to wrap his arm around her, he resists. However, that moment in time when place, time, and people are just too propitiously harmonized in Sum Ying’s favor for him to resist. He can only surrender, and surrendered he did to the moment. Until now, Sum Ying has initiated all the dance moves, while Ka Tsun is just a prop/prize. In the next stage of the dance, he becomes a full partner as Sum Ying relinquishes her lead to him. Cast in silhouettes, they dance in tune to each other’s vibes as they melded as one, ending their dance with a kiss.

What man can resist such enchantment cast by siren Sum Ying; the stillness of the night, the magic of the music, the intimacy of a dance, the gentleness of a touch, and the beating of two hearts, all spellbound into a moment.  Sum Yin has successfully snagged Ka Tsun with her web!

FIREFLIES by noella chan
I don't know why you hesitate
Everytime you are near me
It is that you fear
You might fall into something deep

Standing on the edge of the night
Feelings raging inside
But if you open your eyes

Can you see the fireflies dancing in the air
Like the stars up in the sky
Feel the gentle breeze caress the night
Oh, it's time to take to flight
Take my hand I'll lead you to the places where
I am sure you've never been
So just hold me close and we will go
This is how it all begins


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