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Kent Cheng & Ma Zai because of ‘fire’ became bosom friends.

Kent Cheng because of Steven Ma's 'fire' became bosom friends.
In a one-on-one relationship, to get along with each other there need to be a bit of fate involved. Kent Cheng and Steven Ma, both are indomitable personalities, yet connect like father and son.

One late night, I happened upon Kent goh in the TVBcity cafeteria. Turns out that he would be flying out to Hengdian the next day to shoot a series. However, before setting out, he still made this one special trip to TVBcity to visit Steven Ma who was shooting Pu Songling then. Does Kent gor love Ma Zai this dearly?

“You know me; black is black, white is white, no middle ground. I cherish Ma Zai because he is willing to endure, also very hardworking, willing to analyze meticulously each and every one of his characters. In an entertainment field, what is most important to have is a fire inside. He has it. And this fire is burning pretty big. All this child lacks is a bit of luck, and when luck comes, the achievement will be extraordinary, for sure. I once said this to some tvb top brass: to have Ma Zai this kind of artiste is extremely rare. TVB must treasure him,” responded Kent goh, earnestly.

Kent gor expressed: The success or failure of a series is everybody’s responsibility; not just if I did my part then that’s it. What’s rare about Ma Zai is that he is willing to scrutinize every scene, to scrutinize every line; he is even concerned over the scene of the person playing opposite him; even down to the nitty-gritty details. What good about him is that he has a heart that cares about the whole, big picture.

Kent gor professed that so long a person is worth respecting, even if he is a junior, he will duly respect him; and Ma Zai is one such person.

Kent gor is a talented all-around artiste in the entertainment world. His influence has spurred Ma Zai’s drive. Whenever they have free time, they will meet up to discuss acting and directing of shows. Ma Zai has already regarded Kent gor performing arts endeavors as his life-long endeavor to aspire to. An actor cum director, Kent gor during this one year of their acquaintance, has imparted quite a bit of his acting knowledge and techniques to Ma Zai so as to ‘open’ him up.

Ma Zai and Kent gor shared a mutual affinity. Although they have not known each other for long, they have already become bosom friends. Ma Zai frankly acknowledges that he is very lucky to have met Kent gor, this teacher.

“Kent gor taught me the most important thing in acting is to understand the concept of “allocation”. When to reel in? When to let go? When to yield? When to let others make their moves; although clearly is mine yet not permitted release ya! When is the right time to fight forcefully; don’t fight for scenes. Only upon grasping this can one be qualified to be the main lead.”

But then, other artistes may have their own points of view and ways of acting. During the process of communicating, aren’t you concern that you may be misunderstood ma? Kent gor felt that in a materialistic society, the majority of people are concerned only of their own good; people who are concerned about others are in the minority.

“The people who give opinions only wish to do the work better. I don’t see it as a wrong approach. Ma Zai and I discuss and analyze movies and series nonstop. So very enjoyable. It’s merely an exchange.”

A relation that transcends age as well as transcends status. Kent gor and Ma are the best example that true friendship can and does exist in the entertainment world.

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