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TVB blog polls

Posted 11 March 2009 - 05:05 PM
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Tamaya: I've to get this off my chest about the ridiculous clicking of tvb artistes' blogs. See the image above - those results of blog hits are actually posted on the wall inside the tvb studio. The right most page shows the weekly hits on tvb blogs, the centre; www.163.com, sina.com and sohu.com These clickings are meaningless yet tvb mgmt think so highly of them that the hit results are posted weekly. Steven was like #30 two days ago and after much rallying from fans, went up to 20 or so today. Most Steven fans bypass his tvb blog and gather in his yahoo blog but most now will just click on his tvb blog enroute to his Yahoo's. And then there are the rules of having those mindless clicking recorded in the hit list as there is, get this, a right and a wrong way to click - click 'wrongly', those clicks will not be recorded on the ranking list. Aargh! Fans are like buffaloes with a nose ring led mindlessly by tvb mgmt. Should I click or not click? That's the questions! I really resented being part of a mindless herd. What do you all think?

Posted 11 March 2009 - 05:32 PM
 edited to add: I think I will do so too for the next few days, just to show tvb mgmt that the might of Steven fans is something to be reckon with.  What fans would do for their 'idols'! lol! Once we were so excited because Steven's tvb blog ranking suddenly jumped up to #3 out of nowhere. (eta: Even top for 4 consecutive days) But our collected & concerted 'force' didn't last long. I read that direct clicking of artistes' blog will not be counted as hits, one must enter his blog through tvb actors page first, and that once in, one must click stuff on his blog page, something like that. I've no idea how to find out if the clickings are counted as hits or not, either.

Posted 12 March 2009
Akazukin:  About the blog ranking: I also think it's utterly stupid how some 'wrong' clicking doesn't count (i.e. like direct link to the blog - what's so wrong about this?), and only the 'right' way of clicking counts. To be honest, I think that alone defeats the total purpose of this clicking. We don't even know when it counts and when it doesn't. To be honest, I commend the fans that have been clicking in order to show their support to their idols. ..... One more thing is, I think more artistes would be more proud to win an award that gives recognition to their acting skill rather than this blog award (especially if they know the graphic is only derived from repetitive clickings). I believe Steven would be such an artiste.

All in all, TVB still plays much on favouritism up to today, so whatever the result of the blog ranking is, I think they will only take into account those that are already in their favourites and take as excuse to not promote that are already outside their favourite list. Since Steven has been so diligently updating his yahoo blog more than his TVB blog, I believe he doesn't worry about the TVB blog ranking that much. Besides, seeing how he cares for his fans not to sleep too late, he would perhaps prefers his fans to put their free time to something more useful/productive. But if you have the time and drive to keep clicking, why not too? It's never a bad thing to have your idol's name high up there, and we all know a lot of other idols' fans are doing the same repetitive clicking, hence the 'clicking manual'.

Nikki01: But if you have the time and drive to keep clicking, why not too? ... One more thing is, I think more artistes would be more proud to win an award that gives recognition to their acting skill rather than this blog award (especially if they know the graphic is only derived from repetitive clickings).

Tamaya:  Because I dislike the perpetuating of such meaningless ranking derived from absurdness that defies logic. And to have TVB reduced and debased their artistes' hard work to such meaningless competition. When I watched Raymond receiving the blog award, I felt so sorry for him; he is more than just a popular matinee idol, he's also a hardworking actor. All tvb artistes are, so treat them with respect not with a meaningless 'pork' award. That tvb had come to such absurdity is really beyond my comprehension.

Tamaya: I'm skeptical of most online poll results as evidence for whatever. Because often the results are due to: 1)the working of a group of fervent fans or non fans, for that matter, or 2) the unethical (刷票) batch inputing.  eta: Take this yule.tom poll for e.g.

Yesterday, Raymond, Ron Steven were the top 3 most popular tvb actors in China; Moses' tickets were in the 100s then (I know because I checked out that poll link posted on steven ma baidu) and today he is sitting pretty on 2nd now; his tickets up by over 70,000 overnight, ridiculous, isn't it? 2009-3-12 12:37 26楼说的没错,早上投票的时候,还是很低的票,现在变成60多万了,排第二了,怎么会这样??... 2009-3-12 13:15 已经704689票了 ?baidu steven ma  

I take the online forum comments with a grain of salt too, because the sampling population and its size are obviously flawed.  Overall, tvb artistes are not very well-known in China. Among those who watch TVB series, I guess Steven is quite popular, although it's all relative.

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Posted 13 March 2009 - 03:09 PM
Akazukin:  tamaya, seeing you have translated a lot of Steven's writings, do you think the TVB blog entry is written by Steven himself or someone else? 

Tamaya: If you had read the postings in his tvbblog as well as his yahoo blog and his 2001 memoir and his books, then you wouldn't have asked me this question. But since you haven't, I've no doubts that Steven did not write those entries in tvb blog.

Even now, his old timer fans seldom visit his tvb blog because those entries seem so fake to them.

And we also noticed in the past that his blog was updated almost simultaneously with Linda's during ajcl production and promotion periods with similar pictures, and the same goes with Bernice's during Steps' airing.

2010/10/27 New series still has not start work yet, still have some free time, so sought out ball court for fun! Everybody, if have time can visit tvb blog! Finally, I personally posted the first ever entry there! 

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