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Steven Ma is not afraid to be the male version Wang Ah Jie.

Exclusive Report: 马浚伟不惧做“男版汪阿姐”
re: transcript from interview: Ma Zai,how-do-you-plead?

Meddling in the director’s filming? Reproving others’ tardiness? Behaving like a prima donna? This is an exclusive interview with Steven Ma on his response to these criticisms.

TVB new series, “A Journey called life” will premier on TV next week. Last night, the vacationing abroad male lead, Steven Ma, accepted an exclusive tele-interview with Yangcheng Evening News,《羊城晚报》which lasted about an hour. Besides talking about his upcoming series, Steven talked mostly about his outlook on life and philosophy; about the works of the late scholar author, Tang Jun Yi (唐君毅 ); about the impact of his mother’s death on himself; and about juvenile suicides, etc. Steven said: Treasuring life and treasuring time are some of his values. Hence, he cannot tolerate tardiness during work.

~~Topic: Teacher
~~Major benefit was knowing Kent Cheng
In the “Journey” series, Steven is an enthusiastic marathon runner. He started off as an engraving apprentice in Kent’s stone workshop to later become an engraving master. A misunderstanding acquainted him and rebellious Linda, later resulting in a love relationship between them.

Steven disclosed that the marathon scenes were exhausting to film, and due to his heart’s condition he requested the producer and director to fake most of the running scenes. His biggest reap from filming “Journey” was getting acquainted with Kent. “On the first day of work, Kent told me that he had studied my past performance. His knowledge on me was astounding, given that he is a veteran. He told me since he knew he was going to collaborate with me, he should get to know me beforehand. He also told me to treat him as a new colleague since he was away from TVB for so long. I have learned much from Kent. He is my teacher, both in the series and out.”

~~Topic: Reading
~~The Impact of Tang Jun Yi’s Works
Steven is a voracious reader, especially of books on history and philosophy. “Reading history books is extremely beneficial to filming ancient period dramas; it instills a better understanding of the drama background and characters. His main interests are the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China (1912-1949). His most admired philosopher is the late Mr. Tang Jun Yi.

Mr. Tang Jun Yi was one of the renowned modern contemporary scholar authors, and a prolific one, at that. Steven disclosed that the most influential book on him is Life’s Experiences (?)《人生之体验》. “In 1999, my mother died of cancer. I sank into a deep depression, and had lost interest in life. During this period, I happened to read 《人生之体验》. There was one particular line of thoughts that is still unforgettable to me; to date, it can be said to be my biggest epiphany."  To avoid misquoting, from the other end of the telephone, Steven picked up that particular book and proceeded to read aloud word by word to this reporter, “The death of a loved one is an indelible pain. No philosophy can comfort you nor is there any need to look to philosophy for comfort [...] This is the period when your own morals will emerge. Henceforth, you will learn to treasure your surviving loved ones with a greater display of love. Henceforth, you will take life with a greater responsibility.” *亲爱的人死亡,是你永不能补偿的悲痛。这没有哲学能安慰你,也不必要哲学来安慰你……这时是你道德的自我开始真正呈露的时候。你将从此对于尚生存的亲爱的人,表现你更深厚的爱,你将从此更认识你对于人生应尽之责任。”  
Thereafter, Steven searched and read all of Tang Jun Yi’s works: “Although, we are of different generations, through his books, I can connect with this esteemed scholar’s thoughts.” Steven’s life motto is, “Treasure life, treasure time.”

~~Topic: Punctuality
~~Intolerant of tardiness habit
It is exactly because he values time that Steven cannot stand tardiness during work, which resulted in the reported rumor. A Hong Kong magazine recently censored Steven for acting prima donna on set, and for telling off others. Steven’s response: “I didn’t get angry when I read this article because if read closely, the article actually complimented me. Said I interfered with the director’s filming - actually we were just discussing about the best angles to shoot; our exchanges were extremely cordial. Said I reproved others for fooling around during work; said I purposely arrived early at work by 15 minutes; that I checked daily to see who’s late … Aren't all these praising my serious work attitude? "

Steven insisted he has never acted prima donna but that he cannot tolerate the tardiness habit of others. “A film production is a team work. I don’t want anybody’s behavior to affect other people’s time.” At the end of a film production, TVB will always post an award roster to commend the artistes with the best work ethics; Steven always gets on the roster. Some people accused Steven of being the male version of Diva Wang (男版汪阿姐) . But Steven considers the very professional Liza Wang to be his role model. “People should respect their work; else, they are insulting themselves.”

~~Topic: Book Publication
~~Pictorial Journal slated for July
This year, Steven plans to publish a book and to direct a show; with the former almost in the bag; a pictorial collection of prose essays work-in-progress is scheduled for a July publication, as for the latter, it’s still up in the air.

Actually, Steven owns a publication company; and has published several books: Steven’s Tales of Society book series 1, 2, 3, and a feature serial (Women in the eyes of Ma Zai). The society book series showcased real life case stories in hopes of enlightening the readers. The first book is on suicides and the value of life. The second book is on the hardships faced by the terminal ill patients and their respective families.  "Because my mom was a cancer victim for many years, I can really relate to these relationships and the family members’ feelings."

When it came to talking about his books, Steven was effusively forthcoming. But right now, closest to his heart is his upcoming book of pictures and prose essays. “The book will have about 10 essays that I penned, matched with photos that I took. I’ll personally take care of the whole package. It’s my “baby”. The book  will reflect my outlook on life and my thoughts on the world.”

Photography is Steven’s hobby. During his free time, he will take out his camera and go photo shooting. His interest first started with print photography, which then slowly evolves into the idea of directing. “This (directing) will be in my future aspiration. But right now, I’m still in the learning stage. ‘偷师’”. No wonder on set, he enjoys talking shop with the director(s).

source: http://www.ycwb.com/...ent_1845803.htm
Reporter: Chen Ming Hui
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Source: 金羊网 Yangcheng Evening News

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Steven Ma teaches the Director on how to Film

Yesterday there were reports of Steven Ma's arrogance, when filming the series besides requesting his co-stars to be punctual, but also says that when filming starts needs to be familiar with the script and also be serious about the acting, almost like teaching the director how to direct! Yesterday he accepted an interview, regarding the 'accusation' that he admitted!

As Steven Ma filming new ancient series "Salt Traders" he had so many requests, he earned the title "Male Version Ah Jie", yesterday he accepted a radio interview, he laughs at the reports: "I'm just speaking the truth. But usually I would be at the studio early and this is my principle, usually when we play it could very happy, but when its time to film - better not be playing. (Who would be playing?) Don't know, if I knew, I would say something. (Would that cause the other party to be unhappy?) I believe so."

Asked again if he's teaching the director how to direct, Steven admits: "Yes, actors and directors needs to have good communication, then we all will be happy. I occassionally lose my temper, but I'm mad at myself and has nothing to do with other people."

Posted 18 March 2008 - 11:24 PM
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEntertainmentUniverse
Source: The Sun, Mingpao, Wenweipo

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