Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Show of Support for Steven Ma as TV King

I don't deny that Steven is a good actor, but I feel like his roles in AWT & GW aren't "big" enough to get him the award this year ....asianfanatics.net post13 xxMiya, on 28 October 2010 - 02:05 PM, said:
Tamaya: I disagree that Steven roles in AWT & GW aren't "big" enough to get him the award this year. Though less big than RB, or the current high profile series, AWT and GW were quite sensational news themselves at the time of their airing because of their little engine that could success. The series may not have generated a tsunami but they were no small swells themselves.

Anyway, the illusion of ‘big’ can be manufactured. A sample: - Both GW and AWT have the arousing elements that can hype up these series and help reinforce Steven’s stake at the 2010 tv king title. Because of its rating victory, GW is now touted as the 'almost' cannon fodder that overcame peril to become the mighty cannonball that could by peaking at 41 points. I have mentioned before that pitting against WC could either make or break GW depending on its ratings, needless to say it was made.. into legend...tvb folktale. GW will now go down in TVB legend as a SMALL production and personal triumphant victory over an outside 'enemy'. News made much of Steven being sent to the battlefield, twice, and twice he came back, victorious. Why Steven? why twice? Why Leung Choi Yuen? Why a small production force sent to fight a big battle? Steven Ma- like his disfavored character, Sheung Ji in Safeguards was sent to do the dirty job. Ah! the duplicity of TVB! Was Steven really General Luck or was he a sacrificial lamb? Ah, the intriguing stuff that legends are made of. Who among the tvb artistes can claim that twice struck by lightning feelings and experience and survived to tell about it? So in company legend, undoubtedly Ghost Writer, the series, has won ‘big’, Director Leung has won big; most of all, Steven Ma has won ‘big’, against an intangible but nonetheless formidable force that could have blown them to smithereens but didn’t. Moreover, Ghost Writer won big on its own, without any reinforcements from treacherous TVB. They were David fighting a Goliath in a rating bloody battlefield. How could their triumphant victory not touch you? If you have followed Steven on his weibo, you would be even more touched by his courageous rallying optimism and positive mentality. Relying on inspiring maxims posted on his weibo to encourage himself as well as his fans as we all waited nervously each time for the weekly rating reports. Hope for the best, prepare the worst – he told his fans and himself. And that's what we'll do until we know the result. Heehee! I’m sure experienced reporters can spin a better yarn than what I did that can create hype for Steven’s bid for tv king. And the public support of Catherine Tsang for Steven gives me heart.

Anyway, GW has solid storyline, relatively good reviews and good ratings, Steven's acting was solid vs CBML is big - ‘big’ negative reviews & big over-the-top acting+ highest ratings, and MOL is also big - ‘big’ negative reviews & underwhelming acting from RL+ high ratings. So solid acting vs ott acting vs underwhelming acting? Disregard GTL because based on past qualification criteria it does not pass muster. Disregard NR - will discuss later.

But I do understanding what you mean by a big role, not everybody is lucky enough to have a Chai Gou role. To reiterate what I disagree is that "his roles in AWT & GW aren't "big" enough to get him the award this year". People will remember Steven for his consistent outstanding acting in a collection of series, not just one. Anyway, spoiler has my old response to a similar sentiment to yours.


To me, I see Moses as Steven's biggest competitor not Wayne, nothing to do with Wayne's performance per se but rather that TVB will not twice in a row cut off a lucrative means of commercial income that it derives from its tv king. So unless NR is a tsunami success, Wayne will not be a back to back tv king. Besides, there’s also the matter of status and face in TVB artistes’ standing. If Wayne won, then his status would be above Moses and Kevin, and same as Roger's. Would TVB allow that? What’s in for them to bestow the title upon Wayne? Fear of netizens’ wrath? Pff! After all they have given more than enough of awards (an armful) to Wayne last year.

TVB is a profit-making business and never should we forget that. Reportedly, Steven has earned ‘big’ fees from his outside jobs. If they were so profitable for Steven, imagine how profitable the management cut would be to TVB which will be lost to them should Wayne win. As for Raymond Lam, for his sake, TVB better not bestow that title on him.

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