Thursday, November 4, 2010

weibo: First day of Thunder's filming

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11/2 18:55 My friend used my camera to take my pictures. I was actually not used to it, so smiled so hard my eyes disappeared. But as respect to friend's work, uploaded it here online! Old friend, I have uploaded it so don’t put me on the spot! Hahaha!

11/1 23:33 The kind of thinking will determine the kind of behavior; the kind of behavior will determine the habits; the habits will shape the character; the kind of character will shape destiny. Charles (?) Simply put, it is the thoughts that change destiny. How you think is how your destiny will be!

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11/1 19:27 Today is 'Thunder''s first day of filming. The first scene is a big fighting scene. Luckily the weather is quite cool so not too tiring. A group of brothers have had fun together. Actually I have two long time brothers that you all have not met yet. Introduce them to you; they are “the chair and the box”. Haha! P.S. I have already received the presents from you all. Thank you, little piggies!

10/31 17:11 'Alarming Thunder in Forbidden Palace' will officially start shooting tomorrow. Here’s wishing all cast and crew members “hoi gong da gak, sek dak fan dak, mat dou dai yat! (Cantonese rhyming) Gong hei, gong hei! (Good luck and congratulatory best wishes)

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