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Steven Ma: I'm not Gay!

Steven Ma @ Mak Ling Ling Interview
translation credits: hyn5

M = Mak Ling Ling
 S = Steven Ma
magscan credit:

M: In the past, you were not under TVB management and not a son of TVB, but you still filmed a lot of series. According to what has be heard is that Catherine Tsang supports you. Is she very nice to you? (Does she favour you?)
S: I've signed TVB management for 4 years now! Everyone supports me. Mr. Chan (Stephen Chan) also supports me! Well, Catherine told me to film my first series. At that time, I've released three albums, and the third one was not selling. I've thought about retiring, but if it wasn't for Catherine in telling me to film series, there is a possibility that I'm not even in this business anymore.

M: Out of all the TVB executives, are you in best terms with Catherine?
S: Definitely! If some day that I don't work for TVB anymore, the one I would miss the most is Catherine. She is the one who have taught me and made me what I am today. After so many years of filming series, she yelled at me for so many years. Every time she will point out my flaws. She'll say, "What is with your expression? What are your lips doing?" Actually, to me, this is a good thing. I remember the only praise I got from her was in "A Journey Called Life". It was the scene where Fala Chen died. She phoned me and said, "Wow, real tears. You did well!" It is very difficult to receive her "You did well." It is almost every time that I see her that she'll give me pointers. My biggest problem is my lips because I was a "chipped-tooth" kid when I was young. I've gotten used to speaking with my lips sticking out. When I got that tooth replaced later, I still needed time to change that habit.

M:Do have supper with Catherine on a regular basis? Are you afraid that others might call you "shoe shiner"?
S :Occasionally I do, but I'm not afraid of what others call me. She is my teacher! (What about Stephen Chan?) On the other hand, I don't have suppers with Stephen, but rather we eat at TVB suppers. (What about Virginia Lok?) I've had supper with Miss Lok. There are times where we'll meet and talk about contract terms. Most importantly is that I film with heart, so I don't have to depend on these.

M: The feeling you give others is that you're very polite, very well-mannered, and a goodie guy. And the feeling is also a bit out-dated. You are always in the news for injuring yourself, and you don't have any rumours. The feeling you give others is very boring. What are you going to do?
S: You are correct. Many reporters tell me, "You are very boring!" But my close friends know how I am. My biggest interests are playing badminton, playing ping pong, taking pictures, surfing the web, reading books, writing, and drinking red wine.

M: Which is boring! Were you like this when you were young?
S: Before entering the business, I used to sell Chinese teaching books and industrial chemicals. To be exact, I've only had two other jobs.

M: Your lifestyle is rather boring; do you have any interesting childhood stories?
S: I don't find it boring. Because work wise, I still need to meet many people. From form 3, I started to sell ice cream at Tsim Sha Tsui. I remember Sheila Chan and Michelle Reis once bought ice cream from me. Wow! Sheila voice was very loud. She told me to add this and add that. I even said to them, "I recognize you guys. You two are Miss HKs!" At the time, I thought the two of them were very pretty. Michelle was very polite and Sheila's voice was very loud.

M: How many friends do you have in the industry?
S: I have many! Tavia Yeung (the people I've interviewed before are very good friends with Tavia Yeung!) Is she that popular? Maybe I should remove her. Ha ha! There's also Joyce Koi. We are very good friends. There is also Linda Chung, Kwok Fung, and Lam King Kong!

M: When you're filming, are you very serious and don't play with others?
S: No, I can play very crazily! But when I say "crazy" you may think it is very boring. Ha ha! I joke around with people. I'm a rather slow interactive type of person. I would only interact with the ones I feel that can be associates. If we are not associates, I will not force it. If were not happy, we won't see each other next time, and if were happy, we will naturally see each other again!

M: Are you a person that differentiates love and hate?
S: Yes. I don't want to deliberately say something to please others. Life it too short for these things. If we can be friends, then I'll make friends with them. Many people make the mistake by thinking that I'm very polite and I'm easily picked-on by others. But they are actually very wrong. It is my principles that make me have a good temperament.

M: Have you ever squeal with others?
S: I will not squeal, but I will argue. Luckily, I do not swear, but I'm scary when I get mad. Others will become silent. I speak loudly, so it is scary when I yell at others.

M: That is why there were reports saying you are troublesome and you at odds with Sonija Kwok.
S: That was a long time ago, so I don't remember law. She will be my new partner in my other series. We just went to Malaysia recently for promotional events. We were very happy.

M: Do you find yourself to be troublesome?
S: I don't find it. My principles will not be changed under any circumstances. My principles are being punctual, know your script, and don't play when filming. If these principles can be vacillated, then their/I'm not qualified to be an actor. I've yelled at people for doing these, and they will of course not like me. I don't need the entire world to like me, and for me to give up on my principles for the entire world is vain.

M: Have you ever fell in love with your partner?
S: When filming, yes. During the time when filming "Where the Legend Begins", Ada Choi absolutely made me feel the startled by a beauty feeling. During the filming process, I believed that I fell in love with that person. And personally, I admire her very much.

M: Did you ever take action and pursued her?
S: No, and then I filmed a different series quickly after that. My personality is most compatible with someone who is not from this industry. Although it may be difficult to control sometimes, but standing from my perspective, I think different sector groups would be better. I don't want my work life brought into my personal life. That is why I don't talk about the entertainment business with my family.

M: How many times have you dated?

S: (Dead air for 10 seconds as he counts) Four times the most. Three times. There is one that doesn't really count because the time was too short.

M: Any from the industry?
S: No, they are all from outside of the industry.

M: There were rumours about you being gay with your previous manager, Frankie Fan Chi Wing. Was that true?
S: Obviously not! I don't want to explain that much. I have dated my previous girlfriend for six years and all of my friends know it. And reporters even took pictures of us going on a vacation together.

M: Is it because you cover up your dating so well that people have this misunderstanding?
S: To be honest, I've never mind of my love life being exposed to the public, but there are a lot of people that don't know.

M: Are you dating now?
S: Just broke up in the beginning of the year.

M: Is it the one that Eunice Lam Yin Nei mentioned in her column? (red wine business woman girlfriend Vivian Hui Wei Ling for six years)
S: Yes, 我俾佢激死, I told her this in our conversations, and she wrote it out.

M: Didn't you say she (Vivian) was "okay" and you were thinking about getting married?
S: She's "okay" at this moment, I still think she is "okay".

M: If she's "okay", then how come you guys broke up?
S: You can't really explain these things. (Will you reunite?) We are still friends and she is a good girl.

M: What do you do on dates?
S: We stay at home and talk, drink red wine, and we sometimes go out and have dinner.

M: Nothing surprising?
S: I don't like surprises. I can give her happiness and warmth, but it's not romantic. Like Tavia says all the time, "I will not pick you for a boyfriend, but I will pick you for a husband!"

M: What type of girls do you like?
S: Actually, I don't look at the outer appearance. Most importantly is compatibility and as long as we can communicate. I like silence. I can't stand ones being too loud. I like girls who are more mature. I think my future half will definitely be older than myself. 

Posted 02 July 2009
asianfanatics 1585

mouth = the tip of his upper lip has a pulpy flesh means he's eloquent in speech.
Like the saying goes, if the lips have a pearl, will not lose in arguments.

eye = the upper eyelid droops in male usually means wife is older than he; and that he is afraid of his wife. (pa lou po, haha!)

ear = ear cartilage distinctly sticking out like a flying wheel (?); has an outgoing personality, can't decipher the 2nd last word not something mm (?) ga

nose = a bump on his nose bridge means marriage prone to problems, not suitable to early marriage

headline = long headline; personality overly anxious

hands = small size; slow to accept changes, slow to adapt to new environment

loveline = very straight; has a big heart and a righteous personality (da yan da yi); will usually put familial love & friendship before romantic love.

wide distance between headline and loveline = personality:- gracious (dai fong); optimistic; considerate
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Calling himself the traditional Chiu Chou chauvinistic male, Steven says he will listen to females’ opinions but not necessarily follow them, except for benefactor, Zhan Jie’s opinions, whose wishes are his commands. “She is my most respected person. Don’t know why but I’m always on my best behavior in her presence. Whatever she says, I will obey.”

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Steven says he has a very good relationship with Linda Chung, but does not harbor any romantic feelings towards her. "Often, people will call me "goh goh" when they see me, but the first time we met, she right away addressed me as such, and I also look upon her as a younger sister. Moreover, I will not date people from the entertainment circle."

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2005 (sic 2002) rumored to be on bad terms with Sonija Kwok because of scandal. Recently got together because of work. Ma Zai said he has let begones by begones. "My philosophy is to remember the good, and to forget the bad."

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Steven, because of work, often injured his arms and legs. In 2006 when he was awarded the "most favorite tv male character", he injured his right eye; truly accident prone.

TN: Steven could not believe that Ms. Lam actually reported what he said in confidence (off the records) to her about his breakup with his ex-gf during their interview. 我俾佢激死! Ngoh bei keoi gik sei!

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