Saturday, November 6, 2010

weibo: Steven's Trickery

What a naughty person Steven is!
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11/6 18:07 Everybody, front stage and back stage siblings, our series,"紫禁驚雷"(Thunder), has once again changed. The new title is “"此糸林示敬馬雨田”. Uncle Choi changed it.  It’s not only long (Gao Sai Cheung) but meaningful.  Awesome! Haha! 


Huh??? Readers were baffled at such a lengthy title. Not only is the title a mouthful to say but quite meaningless too. Finally, a fan made sense of that title.  Steven was playing a prank on his readers.  The lengthy title is actually an anagram of the original title. Haha!  Why didn't I catch it?? It's not the first time he tricked his readers with such nonsensical sentences.

Actual title = 紫禁驚雷
Prank title =此糸林示敬馬雨田

Breaking down the original title = 紫=此-糸;禁=林-示;驚=敬-馬;雷=雨-田。
OMG!  Steven is so naughty. He must be laughing his head off at the responses to that nonsensical title.

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