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Fans' essays - SM's Warm House to compile fans essay

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Steven's Warm House is one of the earlier Steven fansites that is still operating. Therefore, it is an excellent source of Steven's old news, old pictures and screencaps on his earlier series. Incidentally, it also has the most firsthand reports of Steven-fans encounters/gatherings.

Getting to know Steven through his fans continues thru fans' essays:
From: Steven Ma's warm house 温馨马仔小屋 archive

07-02-04 13:56 by: 桔子.我是猫
Time flies, how many Steven fans have accompanied Steven from one phase to another phase of his journey? How many fans because of Steven have traveled the journey together? (tn: alongside Steven) They have witnessed Steven’s efforts, and have also witnessed Steven’s fortitude, in addition to witnessing their own growth….

Perhaps with the passing of time or changes in their lives, some of them have vanished from the forum(s); but the name, Steven Ma, still resides in their hearts and the beautiful memories of their journey with Steven forever a part of them. And now, we want to assemble these beautiful memories together and interlace them into a strand of colorful, luminous pearls – A Steven fans’ Memoir. Steven fans, I sincerely hope that we can use love, hope and selfless dedication to illuminate this pearl strand, to let it dazzle like the stars above illuminating our youthful years.

“That year, that month, that person - Ma fans' Memoir” 【那年 那月 那人——马迷回忆录】records the journey of Steven fans will soon be released, please stand tune.

Tamaya: Fans' write-ups, and translated news reports -
To new fans, this is new knowledge.
To old fans, this is reminiscing.
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