Saturday, November 6, 2010

Steven as guest performance in 2010 Miss NY Beauty Pageant

news on Steven's US stage performance @
Oh, how I wish I was in the audience watching Steven struts his stuff. This is the song Steven said he messed up the lyrics but if you did not especially look for that mishap, you would most certainly miss it. But who cares! But he sure seems high! His cheekiness was so reminiscent of the time he sang, "My Girl" on tvb 42 anniversary gala. For those who have not watched the video, you're in for a treat.

Steven singing  愛之初体驗 

Advertisement on the back of the magazine:  August 19 (Thurs) @ 4pm Hong Kong popular singer and tv star, Steven Ma and well-known tv program host, Louis Yuen, will be at the Meet and Greet event held at Magnolia Fine Jewelry Store. Patrons and fans are welcome to attend the function. 

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