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2010 Aug NY Trip - News Reports

Steven Ma to Make Real Money in USA and Canada
Posted 20 August 2010 - 05:56 AM

Steven Ma Chun Wai will be flying to the United States to make a guest appearance in a beauty pageant. Afterwards, he will hold a concert in Toronto , Canada . In response to the upcoming money-making opportunities, Steven smiled, “Working overseas for a dozen days, I will be earning enough to make a down payment on a house!"

“For this occasion, I went to millionaire, Cheng Yu-tung’s favored tailor shop and requested fashion designer, Andy Daniel, to design my stage costume. I spent over six figures on the clothes!”

Source: the Sun
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Posted 20 August 2010 

Steven Ma 'digs' gold in US-Canada; 6-figure investment in costumes
马浚伟美加登台掘金 花六位数巨资买衣服

Riding on the good ratings of both A Watchdog’s Tale and Ghost Writer, this morning Steven Ma flew over to America to ‘imbibe gold’. During this trip, Steven will be the guest performer in the Miss USA New York Chinatown Beauty Pageant, after which he will fly to Toronto, Canada for another performance. Apparently just these few days of commercial performances are enough to generate him the down payment for a flat.

Always professional, Steven, so as to do good by his performances, went earlier to Cheng Yu-tung’s favored tailor shop, Tailor One, to place an order for suits and shirts. He also requested good friend, fashion designer, Andy Daniel, to design numerous stage costumes for him that ended up costing him over 6 figures in total payment. Steven expressed that business dealings between people should be fair. “They’ve paid so much for my appearances, in return, I should dress well and sing well for the audience’s enjoyment and appreciation. This is how professional ethics should be practiced.”

Besides the heavy investment in self, Steven exercises daily to build up his ‘qi’ and physique. “I love to play badminton. Will play 3 times at least once a week. I’ll organize ‘ABA’ (Artistes Badminton Association) soon. Besides providing exercises, I hope to use the combined strength of “ABA” to do some charity work.” Recently, Steven has also taken an interest in golf. “At first, I knew nothing about golf. But having played some recently, I realized that this sport is easy to get but tough to master. It is a sport that challenges self. I enjoy playing it now. I'll spend more time on it in the future.”

As for his US-Canada performances, the event organizers have requested Steven to sing his own songs plus some oldies. “I really like Teacher Lau Ka Cheong’s “Hoi au” 《海鸥》(Sea Gull) and also Emil Chou’s 《花心》. 《花心》’s Cantonese version is my own song, Lucky is to have met you. 《幸运就是遇到你》. Because this is my debut song when I first entered the music industry, it is very meaningful to me. I’ll arrange to sing it in my performances.”


source: On cc news 2010/8/23
translator: Tamaya

Steven Ma’s New York Autograph Signing Event Attracts a Crowd
August 19th, Steven Ma went over to US-Canada for performances. His first stop was at a jewelry store in New York Chinatown for an autograph signing event, followed by a guest appearance in 2010 Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant in Mohegan Sun Casino. His attendance at the signing event attracted a huge crowd of fans from around New York city and other parts of America. Two hours before the event, there were already 2 long queues of people waiting for admission. The owner of the jewelry store expressed that he likes Steven a lot, besides presenting him a solid gold home accessory, he also gave Steven a special thank you gift.

Source: Apple Daily 2010/8/23 5:13 pm
Steven Ma is greatly welcomed by mother – daughter team in America.
Last Thursday, Steven Ma (Ma Zai) went over to US-Canada for performances, and while there had an autograph signing event that attracted a huge crowd of overseas fans. The fans made the special trip to NY Chinatown to support Steven’s signing event. Steven was touched by their support.

Steven saw the long queues of people that began two hours before the signing, among them were many mother and daughter duos. The mom generation praised Steven for his performance in Ghost Writer. As for the young ladies, they like his singing a lot. Steven  said: “Thank you to TVB for letting me film such a popular series.”


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below pix source: Tsui/y/y weibo
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TN: Guess Steven was getting ready for the signing event. Hair's not jelled up yet.

reposting clamine/tamaya's comments on Jaynestars here
I was at Steven’s signing yesterday at NY Chinatown. The milling crowd was so huge that it became a curiosity to police, to tourists and passersby who came to investigate. Haha! Don’t think Steven is holding a concert in Toronto. He might be in a concert but not holding one, at least I don’t think he is. All he said in his weibo was that he will be in Toronto for a stage performance. His numerous past concert performances with Joyce in Toronto were always sold out. But then it may be just due to Joyce’s popularity nothing to do with Steven’s. I’ve posted pictures in asianfanatics.Can the reporter at least pick a more recent photo? That’s an old photo! Haiz!

~~Where is his autograph signing?~~~
160 (?) canal street & Elizabeth - venue: Magnolia Jewelry Store. The crowd was estimated to be around 1000 people strong, according to event organizer. And that was after many left after seeing the long queues or out of impatience or out of time. Right where the 4 branches of Magnolia Fine Jewelry (Dai Sing Jewelry) are located. The event was hosted by the jewelry company

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