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NY - Toronto trip - weibo

Reminder: Time in Steven weibo is HK time. NY is 12 hrs behind HK. 

2010-8-19 07:43  Good morning!  Today, flying to New York and  later to Toronto. The thought of flying over 10+ over hours ....not too bad la, hopefully can fall asleep! [哈哈] ByeBye! (song: Lionel Richie-Hello)

Posted Image2010-8-20 12:47  Good afternoon! Just check in to the hotel, so tired! After a 15 hour flight, went straight to the jewelry store in China for an autograph signing event. Lots of people, the event organizer said that it was close to 1000 people. Just couldn’t finish signing autographs for all. I know there was this ‘tong xue’ (person) who especially flew over from Boston but the signing event had already ended, so started crying at the venue. Don’t worry, I signed them already and gave them over to the staff. They promised they will send them to you, so don’t worry. [睡觉] Will talk later, good night! 

8/20/2010 01:14 You all still haven’t slept yet?
2010-8-20 13:00 [困] It's early morning here at 1 am 這裡是凌晨一点![月亮][猪头]
p-89 2010-8-20 19:19 I'm here,  Good morning! 我来了  早晨!
p-87 2010-8-20 19:25  Jet lag, done exercising and having breakfast 時差中,做完運動吃過早歺了![酷]
p-88 2010-8-20 19:50 Riddle: 4th Brother went diving. The shrimps underwater all got eaten up! Guess 4th Brother performance venue! lol!  謎語題:四哥去潛水,海裡的蝦都給吃光了!猜四哥演出的地方!  笑死人了 

2010-8-20 19:52 [嘻嘻]  Incorrect! 不對!

2010-8-20 20:00  Reveal answer! It's in Cantonese "mo har gan sun" (no shrimps came along)"  Mohegan Sun! haha! (I'm) being very silly! lol! 開估啦! 係廣東話"無蝦跟身", Mohegan Sun! 哈哈! 超無聊!笑死人了 

2010-8-20 20:07 That's where the beauty pageant takes place 選美就在這裡辦吖![呵呵] [星]
2010-8-21 01:19 [睡觉][月亮] 1 2 3zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Goodnite!

2010-8-21 08:22  Good morning! It's dusk here, jet lag catching up, feeling confused! Today, I unwrapped fans' gifts: flowers, Dingdong, letters! Thanks, everybody! Also, all the notes inside the gifts addressed me as 4th Brother, so (givers) must be of Grand Piggy Ma's family. Felt very warm!  I'll have my show in the wee morning tomorrow, hope everything go smoothly.  [呵呵] [音乐] 

page-188 2010-8-21 08:42  Tonight just now, lo ban treated us to a lobster dinner. Louis ( 阮兆祥) and I are both so full now.[猪头]v 剛オ晚歺老闆請吃龍蝦,和祥仔各人吃得很飽![猪头]v

page-187 2010-8-21 08:46 Actually, Mohegan Sun's transliteration should be "武器跟身" (mo hei gan sun) , hence no scare of bad people! [哈哈] .... so nonsens對了,Mohegan sun的譯音該是"武器跟身",那就不怕壞人了![哈哈] ..........很無聊吧!嗯嗯

page-184 2010-8-21 08:58 Thank you for the best wishes! There'll be two events held in mainland in early September [爱你]多謝祝福! 九月初已有兩個活动在內地! [爱你]  

read the rest of Steven's live chat on his baidu


Posted Image2010-8-21 08:22 Many places are now nighttime, people are preparing to turn in for the night. Whereas here it is high noon. Just finished enjoying sunbathing. Not too hot, very comfortable! This is the view from my hotel room, not too bad, eh? After tonight’s performance, I will fly to Toronto tomorrow! From young I’ve always liked DingDong! Thinking thus makes me most fervently wish that Dingdong can invoke a teleportal gateway for me…haha!  wallpaper link  


Live chat with fans. Steven is right now on weibo chatting with fans. But the rapid updating of the msg board is too quick for me to catch up.

2010-8-22 01:14 你們還不睡?[睡觉]

page 216 2010-8-22 08:11 Good morning, the show rehearsal has just started. 早啊,總採排才剛開始...............[睡觉][哈哈]

page 215 2010-8-22 08:19 My attire for tonight is more costumey. Have waited since 3 o’clock till now. Who wouldn’t want to sleep…looking for stimulation今夜穿的是舞台感重一点的.....下午三點等到現在...誰不想 [困][嘻嘻]找点刺激

11:59 Going to start soon. 
12:37 Feel sleepy again..

page 149 2010-8-22 14:06 Just finished singing a song, but I got the lyrics wrong. Anyway, the audience was very high. Me, too!唱完一首了! 可唱錯歌詞....[泪].....但觀眾很high, 我也是 [哈哈][哈哈]惊喜 

 p-148 2010-8-22 14:09 sang 愛之初体驗! Will sing Safeguards' themesong and Shanghai Bund later.愛之初体驗! [音乐][哈哈][哈哈]待會唱铁血和上海灘![嘻嘻] 我来了

page 146 2010-8-22 14:23 Not nervousness, just that I was too high. Casino shows always start at these hours. 不是緊張,是自已太high![哈哈]casino的show一直都這時間的! [哈哈]

page145 14:45 Just finished singing another one.又唱完 
15:13 Accomplished! Surprise! Can you all see? (note: see his invoked Weibo ‘surprise' icon)
15:18 Was it good? Maybe will attain a celebratory party later?

see baidu pp70-71 

Looks like Steven had a great time performing. So nice of him to share his performance real time with fans. Guess he is sleeping in this morning.

8/22/2010 10:04 Good night/ good morning, everybody! It's raining here! Getting ready to leave the hotel.

8/22/2010 10:47 : Have left the hotel for the airport! See you in Toronto


 2010-8-23 13:02  Today is truly a “waiting” day. Left Mohegan Sun this morning at 11 o’clock for the airport to catch the 4 pm flight to Toronto. Maybe because of the rain, the flight kept delaying. Finally boarded at 7 pm but due to ‘air traffic jam” it didn’t take off until 8 something. That is understandable but coincidentally the plane was of those small aircrafts. I was truly bored at the same time nervous. Know that my one time hair-raising airborne trauma is still vivid in my memory.

Omitted Steven's latter weibo posts on the current HK hostages situation in The Philippines

Posted Image

The above pix was first uploaded by tsui/y/y on her weibo yesterday, but I guess a reporter got hold of it and enterprisingly made a news report out of it.

Toronto trip
source: Leslie Yip
Posted Image

Steven enjoying his visit with old friend, Leslie Yip, in Toronto. Leslie in her weibo: Your 4th Brother 'cuts' off his face during self-snapping of photo.

8/27/2010 7:10 (hk time) live comment:
Thank you everybody! My showtime about to start. I sure the show will go smoothly. Here's wishing everybody positiveness and optimism in facing a brand new day!

2010-8-30 21:00 Home finally! Finished 3 shows in US-Canada all at one go. Very successful. Thank you to all the brothers and sisters who supported me. Now that I’m back in Hong Kong I need to re-adjust to jet lag all over again. The picture posted above is taken during a rehearsal in NY. The lady in it is the Miss NY Chinese 2007, Wang Ying; hope I got her name right! Thank you for performing with me. Add oil!

related photos

~~~ Chinese weibo~~~~~~
2010-8-30 21:00 终於回來了!一口氣完成了三場在美加的演出,很順利,謝谢所有支持小马的弟兄姊妹!回港後,又要準備開始另一次"時差"了![钟] 照片是在纽约採排是拍的,那女生是07年纽约華姐冠軍"王瑩",希望没寫错她的名字!謝谢妳為我演出,加油! 张震岳-爱我别走-

2010-8-23 13:02  今天真是"等"的一天,早上十一時離開Mohegan sun到機場,準備乘搭下午四時航班往多倫多,可能天雨關係,班機一直誤點,結果晚上七時才登機,登機後又"塞飛機",差不多八時才起飛,這也諒解,但碰巧又是這種小飛機,我真的又悶又慌,需知道那次九宵驚魂,我仍歷歷在目![汗]等你等到我心痛

2010-8-22 00:07 很多地方正是夜深人靜,人們準備就寢之際,我這裡是烈日當空,也剛享受完日光浴,不太熱,挺舒服的!這是我房間所看到的景色,也不錯吧!做完今晚的演出,明天就去下一站多倫多了!原來我從小就喜歡小叮噹真是有跡可尋,因我現在最希望小叮噹為我準備隨意門...哈哈! 黎明-今夜你会不会来

2010-8-21 08:22 大家早啊! 我這裡剛天黑了,時差又發作,有點迷糊了!今天拆了童鞋們送的小禮物,有花,有小叮噹,有信!謝謝大家!還有,禮物內的小便條都叫我四哥,那該是馬太豬家族的兄弟姐妹,感覺很親切呢!我明晚凌晨開show,希望一切順利啦![呵呵] [音乐] 动力火车-无情的情书-

2010-8-20 12:47 中午好!剛到酒店,累死!坐完十五個小時飛機,一下機就去了唐人街的珠宝店做簽名會,人很多,主辦單位說有接近千人,就是簽不完,我知道有童鞋從波士頓飛過來,但簽名會已結朿,所以在現場哭了,別檐心,我已簽好並交工作人員,他們答應會轉交,放心![睡觉] 再聊,晚安! 黄大炜-你把我灌醉-

2010-8-19 07:43 早安!今天要飛去纽约,接著再去加拿大,想到待會在飛機的十幾個小時..........还好啦,希望能睡著![哈哈] ByeBye! Lionel Richie-Hello

页 169 2010-8-21 08:42 馬浚偉:剛オ晚歺老闆請吃龍蝦,和祥仔各人吃得很飽![猪头] v

馬浚偉:對了,Mohegan sun的譯音該是"武器跟身",那就不怕壞人了![哈哈] ..........很無聊吧!嗯嗯

页 2010-8-21 08:58 馬浚偉:多謝祝福! 九月初已有兩個活动在內地![爱你]

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