Monday, December 6, 2010

Vent on 2010 awards

Where do I start? My mind is so stuffed with bitterness, I am still spitting out bitter aftertaste from my mouth.  This morning reading Steven’s weibo entry, my emotion overcame me; like most of his fans, I wish we fans could give him a bear hug and do a group cry.  Although Steven had already considerately given his fans a hint of what or what would not happen but most of us held on to the very last minute hoping against hope that he as the black horse would walk joyfully onto the stage to receive the award.  But of course, it was not to be.  

Even with the disappointment he must have felt, Steven still took time last night to express his happiness of his two good friends, Evergreen and Fala, getting an award. His omission of the same to Wayne was telling but I'm glad he didn't because that would have come off so phony and Steven is anything but.  Also, I’m glad that Steven did not comfort his fans with platitudes, instead he acknowledged and embraced his own and his fans’ own sadness. Yes, as always, Steven shows both class and grace, that I know already, but his tweet this morning shows his inner strength and fortitude towards adversity, too.  To always look and stride forward, and while doing that, travel light and not be encumbered by complaints and regrets. I am so proud to be his fan, and I am so grateful to have ‘known’ someone who is such an inspiration to me.  

In response to Akazukin: (scroll down the page)
As to the resident Luck in TVB, (and this is just me with my words) it has either being corrupted by TVB’s manipulations or that it has been imprisoned by them. Or that the equally capricious Universal Good Luck is either being repelled or neutralized by the stronger TVB Luck every time it tried to knock on Steven's door.  To overcome Tvb Luck Steven must look to and appeal to the highest level luck, Miracle, to come in through a window so to break the restrains cast on Steven. (mighty melodramatic of me, I know but that's how I feel.  Don't mind me, buddy, and thanks for indulging me.)  Know that success begets success, while those deemed failures will have their work cut out for them to breakthrough, regardless talents and abilities. Perceptions and images of success determine the artistes' status in both the commercial and entertainment world. While the winners will have jobs pouring in and better roles in better productions, what kind of future lies before Steven while others flocked to the winners? The powers-that-be will continue to snub and overlook Steven by relegating him to bland roles, small productions and unfavorable timeslot, while sponsors bypass him. How can Steven ever hope to breakthrough given this throw of dice by TVB resident Luck? Did you see how even Sandra Ng snubbed Steven with her afterthought quip that he should continue working harder? Hadn’t Steven work hard enough? The general public image of Steven is that he is just an almost there but not quite, and that he is not good enough. Don't know what to say anymore. Words after the fact are all pointless now. Life must go on. At least, I don't have to face the pitiful or condescending looks from colleagues unlike Steven. Just hope that his knowing strangers shed tears and felt for him through their words will somehow ease his pain and give him strength to continue to pursue his love of acting. Steven, we love you, and support you in your pursue of your craft and dream of winning the coveted tv king title.

Wait for next year and the next, next year?  How many years have come and passed?  Next year seems hopeless what with Raymond Lam's Devil role and the bad timeslots, there is no next year, period.

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Posted 03 December 2010
Akazukin: Back to the award topic, let's just hope situation will start to change once Stephen Chan + Catherine Tsang fully grasp the control again. It's better to have less expectation and get delightful surprise. Steven's acting is already there, we just need that luck.

Tamaya: That's what we thought would happen when this year started but look how it went. Not hoping for anything from tvb anymore or from anybody.

Luck? You mean the so-called 'luck' manipulated by tvb through other means and ways? Who is to say that AWT or GW would not stir up hype or garner even higher ratings if they were aired in different timeslots? or hyped up by TVB generating more promotions or publicity for them? Anyway, whatever. Like you said, "It's better to have less expectation and get delightful surprise." Funny, Steven gave the same wise advice too in his weibo.

Akazukin: tamaya, what I mean by luck is the luck that can go against TVB pre-set favouritism and biased promotion/treatment. Once in a while, you will get occasion like that. Expect not, but continue to hope?

Tamaya: Steven needs something stronger than having that capricious luck on his side, what he needs is a miracle from above. Yes, expect not, but continue to hope for a miracle to happen.

Posted 05 December 2010  asianfanatics post 1002
Akazukin: I don't like to use the word 'miracle' for Steven to win a Best Actor award, because 'miracle' to me is more like something happens that beyond our control at all. That it's against all odds but we hope for it to happen. But in Steven's case, I think he has the capability, he has the popularity, what he is lacking is just luck. I'm sure you think that Steven has the capability as well. Steven using the word 'miracle' is being humble (and acknowledging his lack of chance due to unfavourable timeslot at the same time), but I don't really like to use that word to associate with what he deserves to achieve, because I think it's undermining his potential. But then again, that's just me with words.

related news report: SM Sighs saying to get an award will have to wait for a miracle to happen.


  1. So totally agree with you! Well, I did my rant about the anniversary awards already on my blog, as well as my disappointment on how Steven fell victim once again to TVB's manipulative politics! Just wanted to say that I supported Steven all the way on awards night and will continue to support him! Add oil!!

  2. Thanks for your comment and your show of support to Steven. I've edited the post to reflect the previous posts that led to my Luck comment in this one.