Monday, December 6, 2010

Steven as the uncrowned tvb tv king

source:  baidu tvb 2010-12-05 23:23 How come nobody come out to say some words of fairness?  怎么没有人帮马浚伟说句公道话?  

 Steven should be tv king 我觉得,视帝应该是马浚伟 

无冕之王 -uncrowned king

The more Dan ding (composure) he shows, the more pain I feel for him.

reply post 56 "Pity that Steven only acted in small productions, usually when series is a hit, then the cast will become popular"

reply 50: Not really, Safeguard was a hit but still it ended  tragic, isn't it?  What Ma Zai lacks is not a series, or a role or popularity or luck, what he lacks is TVB bigwigs' favoritism.

reply post 56  Actually it is not luck, it is more that he doesn't have the backing from the higher-ups.  We all know the prizes are management's alloted pork chops.  People like Ma Zai who has no grannies to love or grandpas to favor, no matter when, still has no show.  Like next year, his series have no favorable timeslots, all cannon fodders, obviously disfavoring him, how to get awards, ya?

His series are all aired treated as cannon fodder, be surprised if he can get any awards.  But I'm already used to it.  Does not affect my love for him.

Steven's popularity is not low, at least he got into 3 categories, just because reporters say it is low doesn't mean it is true.

Doesn't how hit his series is, look at Safeguards, got the most favorite male character, but didn't even get into top 5.  What a mystery!

He lost in being his performance too natural and too genteel.  Come the day when his character starts yelling out his lines with great intensity for no reasons whatsoever, then he will break through.  What to do, audience these days like this kind of performances.

他输在太文气太淡然 哪天来个动不动就咆哮加青筋暴露的角色 也就上位了
没办法 现在观众就好这种演法


post 56 "只可惜每次都只接些小成本的戏 在TVB通常是戏红人才会红"

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