Tuesday, December 7, 2010

weibo: Saying Enough is Enough to TVB

steven weibo
Actually, my personal bottom line is very low, truly very low. I can readily endure and forgive. I’m willing to do that. Maybe because I started work early so I have long learned to take a step back as compromise. But the more I yield, the more I am being bullied; the more I endure, the more unreasonble the paybacks were. Enough! I am not furious, but neither am I stupid! Understand, I understand very well indeed! But, is it too much to even give me a modicum of fairness? Haha! Don’t worry, I will continue doing my part well. Tis’ only a moment of emotional stirring. Don’t worry!


I am sure Steven was not ranting about the award, he has already put that behind him with his previous entry. TVB must have put a last straw on his 'horse' back for him to blow up like this. Remember all those good news he could hardly wait to tell us? (see related weibo) Guess at least one of them didn't pen out and he just found out. Or Steven's outburst is because his series not only aired consecutively one after another but also in the worst time slots, once again. Links on Dec 13 @ 9:30 pm, and 7 days on Jan 24 8:30 pm right before Chinese New Year Feb 3rd. Or maybe he just lost out a role in a China ancient period drama to a fellow tvb actor. Just my speculations of course. But just the fact that his series are once again treated with disrespect is enough to set anyone off. Steven can be the record holder of having the highest numbers of series aired in the most unfavorable time slots, never mind his overseas releases.

On a happier note:
From Evergreen Mak who called himself 2nd Brother (on screen - WTLB) to Steven.

Evergreen: Who bullied you? Let 2nd Brother stands in front of you.

Evergreen: 12/6 23:57 I just watched the scene from last night. I felt I did 3rd Brother a wrong. He had supported me from ‘start to finish’, but I inadvertently owed him a hug. 3rd Brother, I’ll return it to you tenfold, that is10 hugs. Haha! But truly am very grateful to this brother of mine!

And there was this video taken during Thunder where Evergreen said he most wished Steven would win TV King this year, that he had wanted that for Steven for the longest time already. That they have been close friends since WTLB.

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