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NY - Toronto Fans' Encounters

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Posted 20 August 2010  

OMGosh! I met Steven today at the signing event. There were so many people that we were rushed in and out so I just got glimpses of him sitting down behind the glass counter. He is simply gorgeous and very cute. Excellent skin complexion, face smooth and unblemished. No sign of fatigue, very friendly and warm. Smiling, talking and signing all at the same time. His voice sounds exactly the same as on tv and radio. I was so surprised to see him in suit.I have pictures posted there. Not many photos because we were being rushed out immediately after Steven finished signing. Sorry, guys!

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Posted 19 August 2010 - 10:10 PM
I went to Steven and Louis meet and greet today and wow there was so much people lining up outside, glad I went early. I didn't know they had VIP tickets that they were selling before the event, if I knew I would have bought myself one T.T. So lucky got to take pics with them. They were a bit late, and they arrived in white limo's each riding in one it was pretty cool too bad all these auntie's and grandma's ran over there and blocked my view and I didn't want to lose my place in line lol anyway I got to see Steven and Louis but the staff members at Magnolia kept rushing us to hurry let them sign and go out. I didn't get to take much pics of them either...but I'll still upload them.

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Time for me to share my experience. When I went today I started lining up at 3:10PM and there was already a crowd. Anyway Steven is so much hotter and cuter in person than on screen. He was wearing a suit looking good as usual and  Even though I had to wait like 2 hours it was worth it when i got up close and got to see Steven and Louis, and got to take pictures of them. I just wished that the employee's would have not rushed us after getting the autograph didn't even get to take a pic with him. btw I don't like how the employees get the privileges to just walk in and cut through everyone to get their autograph. Especially when they block our view.   @YS,)U)4S  

8/19/2010終於期盼到四哥的到來了,特地選購禮物送給四哥就是他的摯愛小叮噹 。 當天較為幸運的就是親自拿照片給四哥和祥仔簽名 照片總和共8張加杂志的话就9张了啦 如果大家想看到更多的新闻和图片请多多关注我的微薄:

沒有啊,都是簽一張。你不記得嗎?那時候舉辦方就給大家發了宣傳單的圖片,給大家簽,所以都上一張,我是自己帶照片給四哥和祥仔簽的,當時舉辦方人員和主持人看到我這麼多張都不讓我給馬仔簽後來四哥說沒事很快才讓我留下,不然我也被拉出去了四哥後來還問我什麼名字,就在相片上寫上了我的名字真的很高興,你看到了麼?昨天去Mohegan sun四哥還和我單獨照了一張,心情很high

am not vip people, just tell 四哥 my is him fans.
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仔签名会迟开35-45分钟 听说飞机迟到,还有堵车所以, 听说一下飞机就立刻赶;来好像没吃东西. 我就说麻马仔的日程安排太紧了。真的好多人呀!人山人海!两个警察不同时走过来好奇的问这里干嘛那么多人。其中一位警察(女)笑道说你们有排等喽!" 人太多终于最后不让别人排队签名。很开心那么多人来支持马仔。有老有少有中有男有女. 还看到有个中文台的人在录音,也有好多游客&路人一直在拍照我们一 大堆的人群. 我们这人群太吸引人眼球. 一旦听说是马浚伟的签名会。华人的反应就是 "哦!马浚伟,难怪!" 也排起队来.人就是喜欢看明星.以为太多人所以我们这些排队比较后的人。(我们这些是从三点开始排队地呀!) 和没有VIP卡片就被限于只有一个签名一旦签好就被赶走. 只差没被店员推走或拉走。我觉得这次的签字会计划的非常糟糕 地方太窄了. 去年在多伦多签字会执行的多好。可是能看见马仔真人也是非常值得,虽然只是一秒钟。 因为马仔是一直坐着所以被人遮住。没看到人就听到他的声音了。本来我没注意到, 是旁边的人说的,"咦!是Steven的声音" . 马仔的声音真的好亲切,感到很warm,very friendly!

对马仔第一印象:很靓仔,very cute! Omg! Steven is so cute, so much better  looking in person than in his pictures! 我先看到他的jelled up头发然后才看到他脸。我那个激动呀。马仔真的真的很帅。还有马仔很后生! 真人比照片好看得多. 然后我很惊 !:奇他居然穿西穿领带?他的皮肤真的很好看起来很滑, 他的精神非常好,龙马精 神没有一点疲倦的感觉。非常有明星的模样&魅力。一直有说有笑的。不停的签名。 我们对着他也一直笑。每个人见了马仔都高高兴兴的走出来,虽然嘴里埋怨没拍过多的照片,只能有一个签名。对了!组织有派卡片和小型的海报。(the same one as the one I posted above)

Almost forgot, Steven and Louis Yuen were picked up in a stretch, white limousine like how it should be for a superstar. Note: the owner(s) of this jewelry company have 4 jewelry stores all located in the same site. So rich. At first, I went to the other 2 stores at about 3 pm and was surprised to see nobody lining up, but then someone told me the signing event was at the stores across the street, and sure enough was a big crowd milling outside them. Anyway, very happy to have met Steven. Sorry I didn't snap too many photos. Because I was hurried by the employee, I didn't even have time to focus my camera. Sorry, guys!

Hu, only allowed one signature though we had lined up for an hour or so.


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I saw Steven Ma yesterday in Toronto for an autograph session... he's actually so cool and nice in person... he actually helped take photos of him and his fans himself using his fans' cameras... i was so close to getting a shot myself but then the organizers pushed me away and i couldn't get the shot

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Posted to my weibo already, but came to post them here to for people who don't have weibo!!

It's my second time seeing 馬浚偉 since I saw him last year in Toronto when he came to Chin Picnic~
This time I was really lucky to see him on August 25th also, at yumcha We talked for a while, and he signed my picture for me that was from last year!

He was such a nice and funny guy and promised to take a picture with me at the day of the show, since he didn't gell/jell his hair yet hahaha! He said he was going to do excercise later on It was great to talk to him again, since last year didn't get to talk to him as much! But this time more, and Im not sure if he remembered me from last year So we talked for a bit of stuff like weibo, the philippines incident, and much more!

Then the night of the show, when he was coming in to the restaurant towards the stage, I was on the side cause my table was pretty up close. So as he was walking by, he saw me again and high fived me lol and said hi Hahaha, it was funny that he recognized me from the crowd that was following him around and my family members at my table saw that he did also~ so the show went on very well, and he sang many many many songs! Going to cut it short, since I don't think this is where I type alot and just post pictures He sang many mandarin songs, two english songs "Love me tender" and something else, and then canto songs too! It sounded so goooooood!!

So at the end it was crazy how all the sponsor people/important people were all trying to get a picture with him and i was like omg T____T Cause I was being "forced" to leave, and was rushed and everything!! I was pretty sure I wouldn't get my picture with him, but good thing he remembered me, and called Hillman over. He told them that he promised to take a picture with me yesturday which made all the other people shut up hahahaha (: So I got pulled over to him, and we took our picture. (Not such a good picture, cause i was having my hoody sweater on and my friends mom didnt have good skills -.-) So we took our picture, and he talked with me again and stuff It was all pretty amazing since he didn't talk with the other peole who took pic with him~ The only bad thing was the people kept pushing and rushing me off the stage. They look like they were about to kill me -.- LOL!

Uhm the dinner show ticket had diferent prices, which would tell you where you sit! The prices for the tables were; $1300, 1200, 888, 680. <- I remembered correctly, but i think it's a little more than 1300. The food to be honest, wasn't exactly that great! I didn't each some of it and yea The food probably wasn't worth it, but the show was

There were probably around 80tables? so 80x10 = 800people is what Im guessing. The tables didn't even go in order of the numbers lol! I was on table 38, and I was like the third table from the stage XD! Steven came out at 9pm, and sang the whole time till around 11:30. There was a little short time where he had a costume change in between. But wasn't that long!

They were so cheap since they didn't even advertise or promote much about this event, so they didn't even have a program for it T___T! But I took a picture of the ticket, so I can post that up right now!

Sorry, I didn't take any videos this time! It's like the first time I actually didnt record anytthing T___T I was too into his performance and taking pictures! He said he didn't know english well, but he sang the songs really well! LOL, it sounded so good I would post more photos, since I took around 500 almost but many of them are blurry, and have to go through them and get the best ones out. I'm still deciding whether I should post them onto photobucket and share them, or not. Cause if I take out the blurry ones, and the ones with people's head in the way there might not be that that many...

haha yea it is a pretty good deal If it was a concert at the arena then it could cost alot more!!

It was an okay restaurant I guess. You could wear casual or formal if you want. Some of the older people were a bit formal. Mine was like in between, but then my hoody was on cause my mom was rushing us to leave.... since my friends mom friend was gonna drive us home lol XD I would have token it off if I had a choice and time! I think the other english song was "Top of The world"

Uhm the prize was to take a picture with Steven lol and have him sign it after. But it wasn't those instant photos, so they had to come back the next day and pick it up. There was this other prize of some cosmetic stuff, which wasn't that good actually. I think the radio station was a bit cheap with the overall event.


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