Friday, June 17, 2011

weibo 6/17 collection

6/17 18:48  This photo truly manifested my present mood right now.  Thank you to all the reporters who were there yesterday. 

6/17  16:06 Finished another badminton game!  Lately have been exercising excessively.  Friends at seeing me all said I've lost much weight.  It's true my body fat is truly very low but muscles have enlarged!  what's called healthy and happy, very good!  haha!

6/17  13:31 It is raining and thundering in Hong Kong but my heart is still filled with bright sunshine! This coming Sunday will be Father's Day, I will personally cook a festive dinner for my father and family as celebration! What about you all?  P.S. Advance wishes to all my on screen dads Kwok Fung, Ha Yu, Lau Dan, Yuen Wah, Ngok Wah, Big Brother Yu (?), Tsang Kong, Johnny Ngan Kwok Leung, (烈哥), and of course, can't missed out foster father, Uncle Choi, and Kent Cheng, Happy Father's Day! 

6/17  12:26 Thank you, Louis Erard, for giving me this 'len'  (beautiful) watch!  Very happy!

多谢Louis Erard送咗隻靓錶比我!超开心!

香港今天下雨又打雷,但我的心依舊陽光燦爛!這個星期天就是父親節,小弟將會親自下廚為父親和家人設宴慶祝!你們呢?p.s.在此預祝所有劇中啊爹@郭鋒TVBHK @夏雨HK 丹爺 元華 岳華 于大哥 曾江 顏國梁(烈哥),當然少不了啊養父@材叔 和肥老闆@演员郑则仕 父親節快樂!



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