Friday, June 17, 2011

video: LC picks SM as good father material

steven 23:38 Yeung Mie (sheep) If there were a Most Beautiful Sheep's Day, I would definitely take to the streets to vote for you. 

楊怡TaviaYeung 23:32  Old Ma, if there were a "Big Brother's Day", I would surely choose you too.
 Steven 6/17 23:04  So actually  in Linda's heart I am that good.... moved  *Father is the best in the world wide world ... Thank you , Linda!  

*Children classic song as per Mother is the best in the world.

Which TVB actor has the potential to be a good father?

Linda: Good father?  Definitely Steven Ma for sure. Because he's a very good person, knows how to take care of us ladies and newcomers,  also he is very upright, knows how to cook, very smart, and everything that's good can be found in him so he can be a good father.  

TN: She forgot to mention that most of all he loves kids. 

原來我在嘉欣心中是這麼好的..感動中 世上只有爸爸好..謝謝linda!

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