Saturday, June 18, 2011

Apprentice Chef II Joyce Koi

2011/6/17 Joyce Koi complained about Steven Ma's Cooking Skill

The night before Joyce Koi was invited by good friend, Steven Ma, as the special guest in Apprentice Chef.  During the interview they opposed each other.  Steven revealed that he once invited Joyce to his house as guest.  He made a traditional stir fry tomatoes with eggs dish.  Who knew all he received from her was critique, and no praise. Steven said: "I used the traditional method to make this dish; used only sugar no ketchup.  But she insisted on me adding ketchup.  And also said my tomato eggs were not smooth enough.  So my face at that time turned black lo!  You requested me to cook so should respect my cooking style! "

After that Steven never cooked for her anymore.  Asked Joyce if she would cook for him, she laughed and said: "He will not eat my food!"  Steven admitted that he is quite chauvinistic as well as persistent and stubborn. But Joyce praised her good friend that though he is chauvinistic, Steven takes very good care of his female friends.  When Steven heard that, he laughed and said: "Right, I take very good care of the elderly and weak, the women and the children."

Joyce Koi and Steven are the best of friends for many years now since Better Halves. It was Joyce who fired up Steven's interest in the Cantonese Opera, and has over the years invited Steven numerous times as special guests in her concerts. Steven teasingly called Joyce his Gugu.

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