Saturday, June 18, 2011

weibo 6/18 preparing Father's Day dinner

6/18 21:14  It has been a while since I did grocery from noon until dusk.  What to do, tomorrow I've to prepare the dishes for more than ten members of the Ma family. The obvious reason being of course to help father celebrate Father's Day!  Tomorrow, the Apprentice Chef will cook at home.  The menu includes: Stir fry creamy egg whites, Golden Prawns, Roast lamb rack with herbs,  Toufu mixed beans pot, Stewed ox tail,  Stir fry chicken slivers with celery and herbs, Steamed young abalones, Snow pears snow fungus pig's tendons soup!  Right now preparing the ox all fathers, Happy Father's Day.

很久沒有從中午買菜買到黃昏,沒法子,明天要主理馬家十多名成員的菜式,為的當然是為父親慶祝父親節!明天「大廚在家出馬」菜單有:炒奶油蛋白、黃金蝦、 香草烤羊架、雜菜豆乳煲、炆牛尾、西芹蟲草花炒雞絲、蒸鮮鮑魚仔、雪梨雪耳煲豬腱湯!現正先處理牛尾中...各位父親,父親節快樂!

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