Thursday, June 23, 2011

Steven's Photography work

[My Photography work]: Looking at this photo once again recall "Happenstance", feel like singing this song again, even more so, want to portray Mr. Xu  Zhimo!*

I'm a cloud in the sky, 
by chance casting a shadow on your heart wave
don't be surprised, or be elated  
I'll be gone before you know it.
We met at sea late at night 
you have your destination
I have mine.
Fine, if you remember
better, if you forget

the sparks of this encounter 

 Xu Zhimo

English translation: Tamaya


~~~~see mvs/video of the song~~~

chelsea chan rendition
music and sang by: Chelsea Chan (original singer)
lyrics/poem by: Xu Zhimo (1897-1931), famous China writer and poet

Xú​ Zhì​mó​'s life story was made into a China tv series starring Zhou Xun, 黄磊、刘若英、伊能静
I've watched it and I did enjoy watching it despite its extremely slow pace. And 黄磊 was very good looking then.

My preferred rendition by 张清芳 rendition

Steven says he is reading up information on Xu Zhimo. Wonder why?
[我的攝影作品]: 看著照片,再次想起"偶然",多想重唱這首歌,更想演一次徐志摩先生! <我是天空裡的一片雲 偶爾投影在你的波心 你不必訝異 更無須歡喜 在轉瞬間消滅了蹤影 你我相逢在黑夜的海上 你有你的 我有我的 方向 你記得也好 最好你忘掉 在這交會時互放的光亮!~徐志摩

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