Thursday, June 30, 2011

UPDATED 10/23/2015 fanvid: perish in the name of love

《大都督周世顯 / Military Governor Jau Sai-hin》

separate rendition by Vivian Chow and Steven. 《只有情永在 / Only Love Lasts Forever》
Steven's actual duet with Susanna Kwan

《注定是你/ Fatefully Yours》 by LuvIsFeeling

《夕陽無限好 日日近黃昏/ May Beautiful Things Be Lasting》 by LuvIsFeeling

Why did a tragic classic Cantonese opera Dai Nu Fa end up with a happy ending, angering Dai Nu Fa opera fans and supporters? According to Charmaine Sheh, it is because TVB did not buy the copyright to the original story so couldn't copy the whole story line.  What else is new with cheap TVB?  link



  1. oh... there was even a sales presentation of DNF of CL and CS! and .... I am glad that the TVB ending did not follow the Cantonese opera :)

    1. I was personally affronted by its sappy 'happy ending" to a well-loved, renowned classic opera. To me it is a travesty to a classic renowned opera, like giving an altered happy ending to the classic Romeo and Juliet or The Butterfly Lovers.

    2. haha, so you were one of those unhappy fans :) To me, I don't really care as long as I am happy with the ending oops... :D

    3. Ida: I did not know of the happy ever after ending, so I was both shocked and disappointed at the ending - like wth?