Thursday, June 30, 2011

weibo 6/30 what is this person to you?

I honestly believe that fans fall for Steven's writings just as much as for his acting and singing. This kind of sensitive and eloquent man, what females will not gravitate to?

6/30 23:19  When lonely will say to you:  "Don't worry, I'll keep you company!"
When frightened will say to you: "Don't fear, I'm here!"
When lost will say to you: "Don't panic, follow me!"
When fallen will say to you: "Don't be scared, give me your hand!"
When helpless will say to you: "Don't cry, you can do it!"
Such a person, who's he/she to you? 

枝Lam 23:21  You made me cry...tears fall unbidden....  
馬浚偉 23:36  Don't cry, I'm here!
林鳳翎 23:38  Don't ,hold onto my hand!
枝Lam 23:40 @馬浚偉: Wo..wah~~~~cry even hard !!!!!!!!!!!!  
枝Lam 23:41 @林鳳翎: Woowoowoowoo....middle of the night, knew I'm away from home...made me feel so bad!!Tomorrow will have panda's eyes !!!

Fala Chen 陈法拉  Ah gor!  (older brother - Steven himself)


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