Thursday, June 30, 2011

Steven on Shirley Yeung's news

Steven on  Shirley's news 

Steven Ma attended Han Sang Hong's 15th anniversary dinner. Reporter asks him if the recent relationship dramas make him wary of marriage.  Specifically asks about Shirley's news.

S: Collaborated with her on Change of Destiny, of course, would see each other now and then. I was slightly taken aback.  But both are adults and they are both mature. Whatever they decide is up to them.  If they think the decision is fine and they are happy with it then go ahead. I think.  No need to justify to the public.  Actually for myself and those friends who know me know that I have a whimsical ideal, if I truly decide to get married I naturally hope that it will be forever, and will not part.  Love is very difficult to predict.  Behind every person there is a story.  Every household, once the door is closed, how does anybody know what their lives are like inside. I believe nobody will willingly part company. So we should all cherish ba (sic each other). Also, if decides to start, should also first think carefully beforehand.  Shouldn't do it just because of an impulse.  I believe they have been through that, so towards their decision we should respect their opinions. 

credit:  爱爱MT Mweibo 

Wish Steven has a better hair stylist.  Don't like that short bangs on his forehead. That aside, Steven looks good in his attire.

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