Friday, June 24, 2011

Steven's photography work

6/24  17:03  Feel that the sun rays after the rain are extra beautiful ! "The spirit within a setting sun is more robust; the setting sun sinks in the heart, don't be scared.  Know that over the horizon is a ray of new hope."  Wishing every friend will have a 錦繡前程 bright future.

Steven 17:38  I took this at Causeway Bay! Ok or not?

風雨後的陽光,感覺特別美!「斜陽裡氣魄更壯 斜陽落下心中不必驚慌 知道聽朝天邊一光新的希望......」祝願所有朋友都有一個錦繡前程!

这是我在尖沙咀拍的! 还可以吗?

Roman's song 錦繡前程  youtube

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