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Video clips Apprentice Chef 4

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See videos below:

Voiceover MC introduces Steven to start the Apprentice Chef show.

S:  Welcome everybody the show, Apprentice Chef.  I'm Steven Ma.  I believe that every chef that participate in this show will view this throne as their target. I hope that all the chefs who compete will grasp this opportunity to impress us with their intricate culinary skills. Let's get on with it now, introducing immediately the 3 chef contestants.  ..............

Before we watch the 2nd round, there's a video clip for you all to see.  Ma Zai learns to cook.  So what am I going to cook for you all to taste today?  Let's watch the video.

Voiceover introduces the renowned master chef. ...his knife skill is out of this world.  This time he is going to show Ma Zai how to cook lan du veggie stir fried with pigeon breast.  The skill includes stir frying and de-boning of meat.

Steven: sifu Yeung, you're going to teach me how to stir fry lan du veggie with pigeon, how to debone the pigeon while keeping its shape?  1st cut, cut alongside each breast bone

Chef: After cutting it apart, will now have to debone, it'll be harder

Steven: cut on the wing joint.  Sifu Yeung, the cleaver you're using right now is most suitable for deboning?

Chef: Most suitable because it is light and very sharp

Steven:light and sharp, so wing is deboned.  Don't want the wing tips?

Chef: right

Steven: This is the drumstick part. Slit along the middle of the leg.  Pound on the crucial point.  The main thing is to slit along the middle, then pull the sides apart, pound lightly on the crucial point, then pull out the bone.

Chef: All done.

Steven: So now the meat is boneless.  So this will be my target to aim for. Now 'pull' the oil first.

Chef: deep fry the landu veggie in the oil first.  Then deep fry pigeon so they will separate, for easy stir frying

Steven: Then you add sao hin wine, soup stock, sesame oil,

Chef: Done.

S:  So just now you all saw me learn how to debone a pigeon.  Having watched how the sifu did it before, today I'll try to do the same on stage.  First on the pigeon back, cut it.  From head to bottom.  (to Fala)Be careful of your hand.  Now turn it over.  On the center of the breast there's a bone. Cut on each side of the breastbone.  One cut on each side.  Slit all the way down to the bottom.

F: Did I hold the knife the wrong way?

S: It doesn't matter. Ok, at this time, let's see if can get the bone out.

F: It's hard.

S: Because it needs to be seasoned

F: Oh, is that right?

S: Sifu used light soya sauce, dark soya sauce, sugar, salt, some sao hin wine, so earlier

F: Should have said that earlier, so didn't have to work so hard

S: Sifu said need to season the meat for 3 hours.  So this one has been seasoned for 3 hours. Have readied this kailan.  Will cut into shapes like that of sifu's. I saw sifu cut them at a slant.  We'll do the same. Ok?

F: ok

S: Pour them in for me, ok?

F: ok

S: Pour them back out, now deep fry to crisp up the pigeon's skin. 

Jackie:  Are you going to do wok 'toss'?

S: I don't dare to do that.
J:  Toss it, try!

S: I worry I'll toss the food onto the videographer's body.

F: It smells good.
S: put some wine.  Our

F: Kai Lan, no, ginger?

S:  put in the seasoning ingredients, ok, kailan

F: Getting burn

S: No no no . Don't scare me. no yet no yet (agitated)

F: (calmly)  not yet

S: now at this time add in the pigeon breast.

Jackie: A burned smell

F: A slight burned smell

S: Is that right?

F: a bit burned smell

Jackie: Toss the work

S: pass me some soup stock

F: soup stock, there's starch,

S: no need, I want sesame oil, sesame oil

F: sesame oil

S: Ready for the plate

J: Do we really have to eat it later?

F: Smell really good

Male voiceover: Steven had Fala as assistant cook, though entertaining just how helpful she was we could all see.  Ma Zai learned  to cook from renowned chefs, after one observation he has to replicate the same dish,  what's the success rate exactly? Let's immediately taste this slightly burned landu veggies stir fried with pigeon breast.

Female voiceover: After tasting, tell us your feeling.
audience: delicious; quite tasty;
Audience: smell very good.
hostess: But you've not even tasted it yet?
Audience: I can smell it.
hostess: Seeing Ma Zai already knew it smells good?
Audience: Very good!  lek!

Steven: So in every episode during this section I always have to stand on this platform to experience the stress felt by our contestants.  Kailan stir fried with pigeon

Meijie: Turn out to be really tasty.  like extremely tasty. I thought it would be tough or maybe not aromatic enough. This dish is very difficult to cook

Judge2: But your dish has both aroma and taste.  Nevermind about color or lack of it.

S: Is it cooked?

Judge2: cooked ideally

Jackie: Now there's something that you didn't even expected why it tasted delicious, it's because you burned it slightly.   When I eat char siu (barbecue pork) I like eating the fatty burned meat. Yours is a fatty burned pigeon.

S: haha!

F: I think what you did best is that you seasoned the pigeon very well. The seasoning was thoroughly absorbed into the meat.

S: Very happy to be able to appreciate the pressure felt by the 3 chefs

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