Tuesday, June 14, 2011

weibo 5/14 Ghost Writer/AJCL mv

6/14 16:09  Past life this life....moved! Uncle Choi, worth a look ya!! 前世今生..感動! @材叔 Uncle材,值得看看啊!!

link to video on weibo by @蘇珊Susan

TN: Actually, personally, I'm not that impressed with this particular mv.  Not fond of the background music and the song and the quality of the video itself.  I've seen better especially the mvs for Sweetness in the Salt.  But it is good of Steven to encourage the mv creator.

Steven is very supportive of fanvid and fanps.  He knows his public acknowledgment of fans' work brings happiness and incentive to them to continue their creation and do even better than before, at the same time, also motivate others to create some of theirs.

P.S. Haha! As expected, Steven fans are hurrying uploading their mvs onto weibo in hope that Steven will pick them up on his weibo.  

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